METHOD 00012-0 CUC 25 Oz Dish Soap Cuke Case of 6

I know I wrote about a Method cleaning kit previously but this weekend while I was washing my dishes with my Method Cucumber scented dish soap I had to read the back lable. I am addicted to reading the backs of my products from ingredients, to fun facts to the company story. While reading the back of my dish soap I happened upon something that made me even happier that I use their products. IT WAS MADE IN THE USA!!!! I am still doing some research to see if all of the products are made in the USA but I know their dishsoap is! I have used Method’s laundry detergent, the hand soap, bathroom cleaner you name it. I am in love with their products. They are inexpensive and if you click below you can order your own Method Cleaning Kits. The Ultimate Green Store Green Cleaning. If you haven’t tried their products yet you should! Let me know how they worked out for you! Remember it is important to support companies they invest in supporting our environment and the USA!

The Ultimate Green Store

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