Natural Train Letters – made in USA

How fun is this!!!??? You can get the train personalized! Growing up nothing ever had my name on it and I was always disappointed after searching endlessly and my name would never be there. I am not sure why personalized gifts are always so exciting but I feel like it adds a little something to the purchase.
You can show your support for the planet with an ethical and safe toy for your child or if you are giving it as a gift. You can never go wrong with that! The Name Train is also made in the USA which as you know is becoming more and more important by the day. Support our country and products made in it. The more we purchase the more opportunity we have to bring manufacturing back to our nation.  You can also recycle the train when you are finished with it.
You can use up to 8 letters which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Get a personalized Name Train. Engine, caboose, and 3 letters of your choice (add more letters for $4.75 each)
Ages 3+, made from hard maple with non-toxic finish.
Made in USA

You can find this an other great items at Our Green House.

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