New Twist on Wee Wee Pads



I know you might be thinking who cares about wee wee pads it’s about to be Christmas but they are incredibly expensive especially in multi-dog homes and they are just like diapers.  Who needs the added expense or garbage.  After seeing a commercial for Shamwow I got an idea! We have 2 medium/large dogs and from living in New York City for so long our older dog is used to using a pad and going out side. Our puppy doesn’t have that good of a concept of going outside. Now that we are in a house we needed something that was much less wasteful.

Shamwoware absorbent, washable, reusable and last for a long time. I will admit they do not last forever but we do wash and disinfect them more than regularly. This is an excellent way to avoid waste for wee-wee pad trained dogs. You have to put something reusable under the pad as well because the Shamwows don’t prevent anything from going through to the floor but we bought a plastic mat from a dish drying rack and use that to go underneath. Being that the holiday’s are right here this is a perfect last minute gift for your pets or pet loving loved ones!

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