Nubius Organics, Yet Another Green Place to Shop

Besides bringing environmental and animal issues to light The Green Beagle finds it just as important to seek out companies that have green hearts and minds. I want you to do business with companies that make being green their business. I know it is difficult because many companies feign their environmentalism but if you know what to look for you can make the right decisions.
Nubius Organics about us section had a blurb that summed up exactly how I felt when starting my green mission ” But how? Where to start? There’s so much information out there – much of it overwhelming and difficult to fit into our lifestyles. It’s hard to know where to begin to be able to make a difference. The most consistent recommendation is to start slowly. Start small and even the most incremental changes will start to set free your inner environmentalist and things will just keep going from there! Please sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep apprised of simple tips and useful information that will help you on your way to green living!” I think this is one of the truest statements many of us have said at times.
Nubius Organics carries many of the popular green brands such as Chelsea Green Publishing, Under the Nile, Eco Bags and so on but they also carry a few I haven’t heard of. Nubius Organics carries a wide varieties of items for children, home, fashion and lifestyle. Their site is pretty cute to boot!
I always say it but I will say it again. It is our duty to support green minded businesses. I know the greenest way to be is to not shop at all but being realistic and understanding our materialistic nature we must do our part to research and support businesses that do research and support our environment. The only what to make change is to change ourselves! If you must shop spend your money at stores like Nubius Organics.

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