Oil Drum Art

I really just love peacocks which is why I am featuring this item today! It has plenty of amazing green qualities but just look at the pretty peacock! Gifts with Humanity find some of the most beautiful pieces I have seen yet. You can give the oil drum art as a gift or keep it for yourself but either way you are helping a country much in need and supporting art as well as green practices!

Oil Drum Peacock

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About the Artisans:
Carlo Brutus and Eugene Jacques are two of the many artisans in Croix des Bouquets, an area of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti known for artisans who make oil drum art. Eugene’s shed is tucked behind several others and yields unique three-dimensional masks with cogs and bicycle chains for earrings. Each piece is a work of art and signed with “Eugene”. Carlo has what seemed like hundreds of different design of the ubiquitous round steel drum artworks hanging from every inch of wall space in his tiny warehouse.
The Diaspora of Haitians has spread the designs and skills of Oil Drum art throughout the Caribbean but the art is truly Haitian. Old oil drums are no longer readily available and are imported into Haiti by container and sold to the artisans. Even though cheaper, more readily available steel sheets could be used, artisans rely on the used drums for the patina in their art.

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