September’s Organic Beauty Favorite of the Month


Organic make-up and beauty products are essential to your green living. If you care about your products not being tested on animals as well as not having harmful chemicals in your products, organic is the obvious choice. is a great place to start for your organic beauty needs.
Beautorium has many organic products to add to your beauty arsenal.
The easiest place to start is with your lip moisturizer. Everyone can wear chap-stick. Juice Beauty Lip Trio SPF8 Lip Moisturizer set is a perfect start to your organic beauty regiment. The SPF 8 helps protect against harmful UV rays. Juice Beauty Lip Trio SPF8 Lip Moisturizer are USDA certified organic with up to 95% organic content & 100% vegetarian. Juice Beauty Lip Trio comes in a set of 3 sticks called joyful, playful, & delightful. You can purchase the set for yourself or for someone you care about to start their organic beauty collection. Free Tote

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