Organic Cosmetic Cotton Rounds

Organic Essentials Cosmetic Rounds Organic 80 pc ( Multi-Pack)

I know alot of us use cosmetic rounds to remove make up or to blend it, maybe even to cleanse your face. I have been looking for alternatives to using cotton rounds which should be a cloth of some sort but for those who prefer cotton rounds I have found your answer!! Organic Essentials Cosmetic Rounds! They are sustainable and organically grown! You need to add these to your beauty regiment!

Product Description
4-Unit VALUE PACK of Organic Essentials Cosmetic Rounds Organic 80 pc – Extra absorbent organic cosmetic rounds. For pure skin cleansing and to get the most out of your quality cosmetics. These Organic Rounds are free of harmful chemicals and residues. Ingredients: Our Certified Organic Cotton is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Growing the crop organically does not damage the environment or human health. When you buy organic cotton you are supporting a sustainable method of farming.Organic cotton production does not pollute ground water, surface water or the air; it does not poison farmers, farm workers or their families, and it improves soil quality for future generations.

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