Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser

Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser

If you wear make up a important part of application is obviously your brushes. I only really started wearing make up in the past few years and I didn’t realize there was so much to learn. While I was having my make up done at a friends house recently she brought out her tool box, as I like to think of it, and then started spritzing this stuff on her brushes. I always thought it was a major no no to get your brushes wet unless you were going to let them sit for days to dry off. This is when my friend explained to me that she cleans her brushes regularly especially before she uses them on anyone else. The spritz she was using was indeed a brush cleanser that she would spray lightly on the brushes, wipe them on a paper towel and let them sit for a little while to make sure they were all dried. I never heard of this before but then I realized I have never cleaned my brushes which made me skeeve a bit.
When I got home I did some research to find a respectible brand of organic brush cleanser if it existed and so I did. Afterglow Cosmetics has the Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser!  The cleanser is only $15 and includes safe ingredients that won’t ruin your brushes or face.  The Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser was something I needed to try immediately because I was now too scared to use my makeup brushes without it.  It never occurred to me that this was something you should do.  Using Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser will help your brushes last longer and if you have a favorite brush you don’t want to part with Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser will help you keep it fresh and clean.

Product Info:
Afterglow’s Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser is the natural way to disinfect your brush collection and keep your skin clean and clear.
Cosmetic brushes can build up oil and bacteria, which can contribute to skin irritation and acne. We recommend that you disinfect your brushes every few days and wash them every few weeks. Avoid makeup and bacteria buildup with our all natural, non-toxic, quick drying, spray on Organic Lavender Brush Cleanser. It’s a quick drying alternative to disinfecting brushes between washes.

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