Organic Skincare for Your Baby

Organic Skincare Collection

Organic Skincare Collection

It is almost summer time and I know this means mating season for more than just the wild kingdom. There are pregnant ladies everywhere and I bet you know at least one right now! If you do I suggest you get the Oscar & Belle Baby Skincare Collection. Oscar & Belle’s products are all organic especially the skincare items. It is important to start a baby off right and there is no better way to show you care buy purchasing organic baby gifts. Mom’s can be picky when it comes to what they want their babies to have so do the choosing for them and choose Oscar & Belle Organic Skincare collection!
The organic collection includes:
Organic Baby Shampoo, Organic Baby Powder, Organic Baby Wash, Organic Baby Lotion, Organic Diaper Ointment, Natural Baby Soak, & Organic Baby Creme.

About Oscar & Belle:
Anna Gustafson founded Oscar & Belle on the philosophy that Organic clothing need not be drab and lifeless. Oscar and Belle, Inc. was conceived in December, 2006 and launched online in September, 2007 with the goal to create a unique collection of joyful, sustainable, & healthful baby clothing and gear. Things that are not only good for babies’ health, our environment & produced ethically, but also fun and timeless. You won’t find potato sacks here.
Creating the Oscar & BelleCollection was an intense and playful process. Oscar & Belle’scatalog is the result – unique products designed by Anna Gustafson that care for our environment and your baby’s health.
These unique items continue to arrive. Keep your eyes open for the newest arrival as we continue our development of the most joyful, sustainable, and healthful clothing and products available.
Anna’s passion for design grew from her love of art, and her fine arts education at the University of Minnesota. Her travels around the world have inspired her designs, and impassioned her commitment to ethical manufacturing & sustainable, organic processes. Regular visits to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina & Chile continue to inspire designs, methods of garment construction, coloring and our commitment to sustainable farming and manufacturing.

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