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Crop Organic Vodka

Crop Organic Vodka




Crop Vodka | Organic Vodka: Crop Vodka is USDA certified organic vodka, an artisanal vodka produced from grain grown on America’s plains. Crop Vodka is a dedicated to producing organic vodka as well as keeping the local economy stimulated by producing the liquor inside the United States.  Crop Vodka refuses to use genetically modified seeds or grains, artificial pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.  They only use USDA certified organic grains in their products.  The vodka is made from organically grown corn in healthy soil.  Crop Vodka is distilled & bottled in Minnesota without using charcoal filtering or carbon treatments.  Each batch of organic vodka is distilled enough times to remove impurities and unwanted flavors.  The three flavors of Crop Vodka are Cucumber, Tomato & Artisanal.  All of these flavors can be used in making a variety of drinks as well as being added to some of your favorite recipes.

The idea of organic liquor isn’t new but finding it in local liquor stores isn’t always very easy.  It is important to note that liquor companies are concerned with what goes into their customers bodies.   Businesses that are dedicated to their social responsibility and impact on the environment should be recognized and appreciated.  The more society knows about what goes into their bodies and the environment the more harm can be avoided.  When companies take the steps to be more socially responsible society should reward these businesses by becoming more responsible themselves and supporting these companies.

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