Planet Pals Recycling Kit

Planet Pals Recycling Kit

I absolutely heart Planet Pals! Their designs are so colorful and fun and they are on a mission to educate us about the importance of being green! I was browsing through their website the other day and noticed they offer recycling kits for free! One kit teaches about water and energy conservation, another explains separating recyclables, a third displays all the items one is capable of recycling and the last explains how pesticides and other chemicals are harmful our environemnt. All four can be printed and hung up around the house. This could be an excellent project for a class or even just handouts for children to bring home! Maybe you could even design your own kits to hit on points not covered in these kits. This is just one simple way to make being greener more fun and create awareness. The Planet Pals site even has a section for teachers and parents to carry on the green tradition! It is worth looking into, you can never be too green!


  1. Thanks for the nice write up!
    Here are the links to Planetpals Site Map:

  2. The Green Beagle says

    I love what you guys do! I show people your stie all of the time!!!

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