Plant a tree for Arbor Day!

Plant Trees for Arbor Day.
The definition of Arbor Day is an unofficial holiday observed in all 50 states of the United States, most often on the last Friday in April, for the public planting of trees. I am disappointed this is an unofficial day and that more people don’t make it a more recognized holiday! The weather is nice, the summer is coming why not try to plant at least 1 thing in honor of Arbor Day or in honor of the the environment! Planting should be something everyone is involved in. It is a great outside activity for you and your family. It keeps you outside, it can save you money and most importantly planting is helpful to the environment! Why not take 5 minutes, saves seeds from things you eat normally and see what happens. Its an excellent science project. Imagine walking out of your house or apartment and having fresh lemons, flowers, cherry blossoms whatever you like!

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