Pure-Rest Organic Mattress

Pure-Rest Organic Mattress

Pure-Rest Organic Mattress

I actually do not have an organic mattress but I am incredibly interested in purchasing one. The prices I have seen while researching are sometimes astronomical. GoodnightGreen.com’s mattress prices seem extremely reasonable. Goodnight Green offers free shipping and gives out gift cards for purchases of $200 or more. Also as I was pretending to order I noticed that Goodnight Green charges no tax!! This is a business located here in the US, Goodnight Green gets better and better by the minute! Goodnight Green offers a buyers guide to help you chose the perfect organic mattressfor your sleep habits. The guide explains why organic is the best way to go and how the organic materials are used to benefit you as the sleeper. Besides mattresses they offer a number of organic & eco- friendly bedding options to compliment your organic mattress purchase.

Product Features:

Natural Dunlop Rubber Latex
Only Dunlop processed Rubber is used. After tapping the rubber trees, it then goes to the Dunlop processing plant to be molded and then it is shipped to the USA. The rubber is Latex Green and is tested by a third party lab in Pasadena, CA.

Certified Organic Wool
The wool is processed organically and certified Organic by Oregon Tilth for purity and is additive free.

Organic Cotton
100% organic cotton is additive free and GOTS certified organic.

Additional features
Untreated, VOC free polyester thread is used for durability.
No plastic or polyester backing, toxic finishes or additives are used.
This is a coil free mattress.
10 year fixed warranty.

Optional Foundation
The frame of the optional Mattress Foundation by Pure-Rest is made of a sturdy, thick hard pine and covered with organic cotton fabric & organically processed wool.

Foundation available in 3 height sizes
3″, 5″ and 8″.

visit goodnightgreen.com - your online source for organic and eco-friendly bedding and mattresses

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