Quick Tips to Make Your Easter Greener!

Easter, if you celebrate it, can be much greener with the help of a few small changes you can still have fun and be responsible at the same time! You can make your Easter happier, healthier, & more active

1. Reuse or purchase recyclable Easter Baskets:

This year, instead of buying a new basket, reuse a basket from a previous year if you have. If you purchase a new basket try to get one that can be recycled either for another holiday or even next years Easter. With a glue gun, stickers and a few other items you can make the basket look new every year. Better yet, make an activity with the children to decorate their basket’s every year. Being green can become a fun holiday tradition! Badger Basket Honey Square Nursery Basket with White Waffle Liner 0093H

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2. Choose Alternatives to Plastic Easter Grass & Eggs:

We all know that plastic comes from petroleum which isn’t good. Besides being messy, its usless for anything other than lining a basket after Easter. Instead, use shredded newspapers or magazines. Also in many stores they sell alternatives to plastic grass made out of cardboard & paper, even cloth liners can be changed and washed over and over. When Easter is over you can recycle these kind of liners, use it for other baskets for gifts. You can even put it into your compost bin. Be creative with the liner maybe use a scarf or t-shirt etc. as part of the gift. Lady Bug Flower Basket Liner
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3. Make Better Choices for Chocolates and Treats:

You don’t have to give children candy for Easter. You can choose other presents or activities that your children will enjoy just as much as candy. However if you must choose candy, find brands that have the least amount of packaging, organic, locally produced or are Fair Trade. A fun Easter activity would be to make your own candy/snacks such as organic fudge, Easter shaped candies, cookies, cakes, lollipops or chocolates. You can make very creative snacks out of fruits and veggies as well. Any simple online search will give you hundreds of ideas. Teaching your children healthy holiday habits could be very beneficial for their future.
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4. Use Natural Dyes Instead of Chemical Dyes for Easter Eggs:

Egg Dying kits use alot of packaging and create alot of waste. This year, use organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices that are around your home to dye your Easter Eggs. Not only will the dying process smell much nicer than the usual vineager you add to many dye mixes you can teach your children about good natural properties/uses spices,fruits and vegetables have in your daily lives other than for eating. You can experiment with different house hold fresh foods to see what works best and what doesn’t.
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