Reclaimed Wood Organizer

Reclaimed Vintage House Wood Organizer with drawer

Reclaimed Wood Organizer

I keep telling you how school is here and getting ready is a must. Whether you are going away to school or just need to get better organized Chaba has designed a unique way of getting it done. Chaba’s Reclaimed Wood Organizer can help you keep your school work or project junk in one organized area with no mess and nothing getting lost.


The word Chaba represents the beautiful Hibiscus flower that grows widely throughout Thailand and other parts of the Pacific. We take pride in our RECYCLED WOOD products. Why cut down trees when we can re use old ones. We retrieve the old wood from torn down buildings, schools, boats, and homes in Thailand.
We’ve turned something old, and turned it into a new unique form of art and home or office decor. Our handmade recycled wood products is reclaimed and refinished to perfection.
Each frame and accent item is one of a kind and in effect, an artifact due to the process of its creation. We are proud that these frames and other decor pieces are used to capture the memories, art, and the essence of life whilst being entirely eco-friendly. Chaba Decor promotes sustainability and fair trade by purchasing wood pieces from local woodworkers who set out to collect wood from torn down building sites including some old Tsunami wreckages. We then employ local artisans to make our items using their original craft and manufacturing methods.

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