Recycled Art

Banjo Gecko's

Banjo Gecko's

These recycled statues are a great gift for someone in the office or for someone who likes a laugh. This could even be something to get for someone that you have no idea what to get them. I know Christmas has passed but in case you need to get some gifts for people later one this is a cute idea. Even something for someone to start of their new year being greener! These Gecko’s can be a reminder to reduce, recycle and reuse!
The Banjo Gecko’s are great to put on a desk at the office or display at home. A teacher or caregiver might that you needed to get a little something for might appreciate the cute design.

Product Description:
Made from colorful strips of recycled aluminum drink cans, these geckos are sure to bring a smile to your face. Stick them on your office desk or hall entrance table… they make a great eco-friendly decorating touch to any décor. Each creation is hand made in Capetown, South Africa and provides training and a sustainable income for local young people.  Each gecko is sold separately – colors vary according to tins collected.

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