Recycled Cardboard Boxes!

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Currently I am moving, which for most of us that don’t own homes happens pretty regularly. I am not a fan of moving because I don’t like heavy lifting but I do love new places and decorating! The one large problem I feel most people have is packing. Where are you going to get boxes, do you have to purchase them or are you lucky enough to find places that will give them to you for free? I actually have the perfect answer! Not only can you move in a greener more responsible way but you can do it all inexpensively!! is the answer to any of your moving needs. They believe in their own set of the 3R’s: Rescue, Resell & Recycle. are a zero waste company which personally is very important to me but is a rare quality even with green companies. They “rescue”, as UsedCardboardboxes call it, boxes evaluate them by size and quality then separate them into their “stacks” & “kits”.

I have received the Dorm or Studio kit. I have purchased boxes before from storage places and spent alot of money in doing so. The’s dorm kit is awesome. Now keep in mind this clearly isn’t enough to move an entire house worth of items but it is definitely a decent jump start! The dorm room kit comes fully loaded with:

  • 9 Medium Boxes (approx 2 cubic feet)
  • 5 Large Boxes (approx 3-3.5 cubic feet)
  • 2 X-Large Boxes (4.5+ cubic feet)
  • 1 Roll Packing Tape (2 inch x 55 yards)
  • 3 Pounds of Packing Paper
  • (approx 50 sheets of 36 x 24 inches)
  • 1 Permanent Marker
  • 1 Retractable Blade Box Cutter

Mind you the shipping is free and the total cost of this kit is $38.00!! That is it! I know many people get boxes from liquor stores or grocery stores and save up news papers to save money which is an excellent way to do so but I have to say helped greatly! Packing was soo much easier and much less stressful. It made me even happier to know that the boxes were recycled and to be reused by me. Since the boxes are in such good shape I will probably continue to use them as storage for holiday decorations or seasonal clothes.

I am happy to know there are companies out there that help support the ideas of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste. Not enough businesses or individuals are concerned enough about the importance of reducing waste. When I come across businesses that I trust who have the same values as I do about our environment and responsibility I need to share it with people so these businesses can continue to thrive and be brought to the forefront of the green movement. We cannot hope to bring about change without being active about our beliefs and even something small like moving boxes can help a great deal.

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