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Hearts Note Cube 3.5″ X 3.5″ X 3.5″ – (700 Blank Tear-off Non-adhesive Sheets with Pen Hole), Made in USA of 100% Recycled Paper

I love to decorate my desk with many a colorful item. I try to be as mindful as possible with what I purchase to brighten up my desk. I want my desk to reflect my personality. I prefer all my paper products to be recycled. I try to search out and buy recycled, recyclable or reused clips, bands, pens etc. Sometimes though some recycled items are a bit boring to look at. This isn’t as true now as it used to be which makes it a bit more appealing for people who otherwise wouldn’t care about recycled products. I found this cute little note pad that is great for a gift for a co-worker, teacher or even someone going to their first job. This Hearts Note Cube super cute and very colorful which are two of my favorite things!

Product Description:
Bring some color into your office with this self-stick note cube full of colorful hearts. Serves as a gift for friends or teachers that will brighten up any office space. The 4-color process image is superior to similar cubes with silk-screened graphics. The design is repeated on each of the four panels of the cube. The decorative top sheet provides an attractive presentation for gifts, and tears off to reveal the blank pages of the notecube. A pre-drilled pen hole in the corner keeps a pen handy. This may be multi-colored, but it is also green: printed on FSC-certified, 100% recycled post-consumer fiber. The Hearts memo cube makes a thoughtful gift on many levels, but most of all, this useful 700-page note cube lasts a great deal longer than a box of chocolates!

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