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Recycled Paper Earrings

Recycled Paper Earrings

Recycled Paper Earrings

Recycled Paper Earrings

I know I have been featuring alot of jewelry lately but I cannot help myself. I am in the Valentine’s spirit! On a semi-serious note accessories are a part of many women’s daily lives and sometimes recycled accessories are outrageously over priced just becuase accessories are said to be  organic, reclaimed, recycled, reused or repurposed. That is no excuse to be over priced. Personally, I think if we are purchasing recycled, reclaimed or repurposed products shouldn’t they be less because 1. We are doing our part and 2. These aren’t necessarily brand new products. This isn’t to say that the charities many of these purchases donate to or that many of these accessories are handmadeisn’t worth the extra money.  I feel high prices deter people from making the responsible choice.  These beautiful paper earrings are amazing and only $12.00!! GreatRecycledGifts.comis becoming my favorite place to shop for everything!

Product Description:

It is hard to believe that these colorful earrings were once a stack of discarded magazines and newspapers!
Each “flower” set is made by hand in Cambodia providing fair, ethical and sustainable livelihoods for some of the regions poorest people.
Each pair is cut out, folded and assembled – then coated and attached to earring wires. Delicate and beautiful… you’ll receive compliments wherever you go! Each pair is different and a true original. The Earrings come in Blue, Green, Red & Yellow.

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