Recycled Traffic Sign Martini Glasses

Recycled Martini Glasses

Recycled Martini Glasses

You know I love me some cocktails! Even more so I like them to be pretty! How much prettier can they get than being in recycled glasses!! really has some amazing items in their store. You are doing your part purchasing recycleditems that are handmade in the USA! Each set may vary in color depending on the sign used to make them. The Recycled Martini glass is perfect for entertaining, as a gift or just for you when relaxing at home! I love love love these glasses!!

Product Description:

These cool goblets are made from a recycled traffic sign parts, nuts and a bolt for the stem, and a stainless steel cup. We call them “tipsy” martini glasses because the cup portion is mounted at an angle to the bolt giving the whole piece a tipsy appearance. Don’t worry – your drink is safe!
Each set is hand made in the USA by Tripp Gregson who fashions them from actual recycled traffic signs (legally obtained)!
As traffic sign colors vary – each set has two sign color variations.

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