Scary Skeleton Scavenger Hunt


Large sheet of paper or cardboard
Construction Paper
Index Cards
Decorations to decorate your Skeleton
White Paint


1. You can find stencils on the internet for your skeleton to trace the shapes or if you have a skeleton from previous decorations you can use that as long as you can take apart the pieces for hiding.

2. Trace out your pieces then cut out your skeleton.

3. Trace your complete skeleton decoration on a long sheet of paper old cardboard or even an old sheet.

4.Take the skeleton apart at its joints and hide the parts around your house or yard.

5. Next, make and decorate your index cards with spookie clues on them as to where the bones may be hidden. Try making the clues educational. Learn about the parts you are finding and what their functions are. Don’t make the clues too difficult. You want to make sure the game stays fun!

6. Hide the pieces around the yard or home but make sure to remember when you hid them so they don’t get lost.

7. Start to play! Remember you can decorate the cards, skeleton and the traced outline anyway you want! Use anything you find around your house! Make it as spookie as you want.

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