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Scary Sock Monsters

Scary Sock Monsters

Scary Sock Monsters

Scary Sock Monsters

I saw this picture and thought this could be a great idea for the family or a party! Gather up all your holey socks, gloves, shirts, towels anything that you might think about throwing out and make some hideously-awesome decorations or stuffed animals for friends and family!!

Old cloth and towels you thought about throwing out
Broken jewelry
Broken hair accessories
Old handbags
Any thing else you have lying around the house to make your monster scary!
Hot glue
Cotton stuffing or material scraps
Any craft items you have left over from past projects.


Take your old gloves, socks or whatever and just start sewing away. You can leave open holes to have your monsters hair stick straight up or sew closed all holes. Add patches, buttons glitter whatever you want. If you are using a sewing machine and you want to sew mouths or eyes directly on to the monster make sure you do that before sewing the monster closed or stuffing it. Be as creative as you want! There are no mistakes possible!! This is a great way to use up items from the house that have been sitting in old drawers or closets! You can give them as gifts to friends or make a party out of it. Most importantly it gives you the chance to use your imagination!!

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