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The EcoZoo Kids Backpack line by EcoGear is a cute and convenient way to carry your things around in earth-friendly style. A bag for kids of all ages, the EcoZoo Kids Puppy Backpack is ideal for school, overnight, and every-day use. From domestic to exotic breeds, these are the most charming creatures to ever appear in the form of a bag.

This PVC-free bag is made from organic cotton canvas and rope materials. The buttons and buckles on this bag are made from recycled plastic parts and sustainable wood parts. All colored materials used in the construction of this bag are treated with toxic-free dyes.

There are durable internal pockets for storage that securely fasten shut with a hook-and-loop closure. There is a top web loop for hanging and two padded shoulder straps for the wearer’s convenience.

EcoZoo bags are also available in Panda, Pig, and Elephant styles.

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