Sierra Club Trips

Sierra Club Trips

Sierra Club Trips

Explore, enjoy and protect the planet with Sierra Club. Get Outdoors!

I may be late to the party but I had no idea that The Sierra Club hosted trips all over the United States as well the world. When you sign up to take a trip with The Sierra Club you can have your carbon immissions calculated and pay a sum to give back to a wind project called NativeEnergy to offset your carbon footprint! The Sierra Club trips try to reduce trave and transportation as much as possible to help keep with their 2% a year reduction of carbon emmissions for the next 43 year promise. When you are on a Sierra Club trip you will frequent establishments that believe in sustaiablilty and cleaning up the planet.
While reading through their trip pages and FAQ’s I found this blurb about why The Sierra Club doesn’t offer “carbon-neutral” trips and this was there response which I can’t help but love:

“Sure, we could just raise our trip prices, take care of the offset payment for you, and call ourselves carbon-neutral. In fact, we’d probably sell more trips and make more money that way. Problem is, we’d be missing a valuable opportunity to educate you about global warming and the impact that your personal choices have. We’d rather let you calculate your emissions and decide how you can reduce your overall carbon footprint by reducing travel or making changes in other aspects of your life.”

Trips like what The Sierra Club is offering I think is an excellent way to see first hand how our lifestyles impact our planet. Even more convincing is visiting the places around our earth that aren’t visited much but will be the first to be ruined completely and never fully appreciated. Its easy to continue your destructive lifestyle when you have no concept of what it is you are actully destroying.
When you purchase trips with Sierra Club you are also helping The Sierra Club stay around and relevant. The Sierra Club is doing amazing things and has even more amazing goals. We need more organizations in this world that do want to spread awareness and really help our environment not just use being environmentally conscious as a marketing tool.

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