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Slimey Party Punch

Slimey Party Punch

Slimey Party Punch


Organic Lemonade Mix (enough to make 2 quarts)
1/4 cup of Organic Sugar
1 teaspoon organic meringue powder
2 liters Seltzer Water
Natural Decorating Colours (made from vegetable dyes)
1 Organic Orange
1 Organic Lime
1 package Organic Raspberries
1Large Bowl
Wilton Red Decorating Gel


1. Drip the red decorating gel down the inside of the punch bowl
2. Combine lemonade mix with sugar and meringue powder in the punch bowl.
3. While whisking add seltzer water.
4. Add 10 drops green food coloring and 4 drops yellow food coloring.
5. Peel and slice your orange and lime in thin circles, after washing all of the fruit.
6. Add the orange, lime and raspberries for color.

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