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I am a huge water drinker. I don’t really drink much soda or juice and I’m not a fan of energy drinks unless it is coffee or tea. I do however love the fizziness of sodas and carbonated drinks. I have been fully addicted to seltzer for years but they come in plastic bottles that just create alot of waste. I always recycle but I really wanted a way to have my yummy bubbles and not make more garbage so over the holiday’s my wonderful father purchased a Soda StreamFountain Jet for us! I absolutely love it. The value set comes with a test packet of all of the different flavors including an energy flavor, which I am interested to try just for funzies. The Fountain Jet has already saved me multiple trips to the store which means I have used less gas, I have saved money and created less waste and I have the fizziest, yummiest water ever!

I am kind of interested in trying the many flavors Soda Stream offers in syrups but in an effort to attempt to make soda better for you Soda Streamhas sweetened some of the flavors with Splenda. While I applaud their efforts to make less crappy drinks, soda is soda anyway you look at it. The other part of their do-it-yourself drink is you add the syrup yourself. You can put a tiny amount of flavor to make a mild soda or if you are making a cocktail this could be a quick and fun alternative to purchasing mixers. Personally I prefer actual lemon or lime juice in my water. You could get any fruit you like orange, berry or grapefruit and squeeze it into your seltzer if you like!
Soda Stream also has an exchange program for their cartridges. When you have used up yours you can send them back to Soda Stream and they will send you more!
Over all this is one of the best presents I could have even gotten! I get all the seltzer I want and I am saving money and our environment. If you like soda or seltzer this is an inexpensive alternative to spending money on bottles and bottles that will most likely not be recycled.

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