Solar Garden Lights at Night

Soji Modern Solar Lantern

Now that it is summer it’s party time!! If you have a back yard, deck, porch or balcony it’s finally the perfect weather for a get together. When the sun begins to set these are the perfect lanterns for any event! The Soji Modern Solar Lanterncollects energy during the day and comes to life at nigth. The simple design makes them elegant for every party.

Product Description:
Introducing the Soji Modern solar lantern! Modern design meets sustainable solar for the ultimate in elegant outdoor lighting. Created in a layered wave-like form, Soji Modern lanterns are unique, portable, efficient and will never require stringing of unsightly electrical wires. Creating the effect of a solar powered chandelier, the Soji Modern lantern will turn itself on at dusk to cast a stunning golden glow night after night.
All lanterns are constructed of a hard plastic and are equipped with two high powered Amber LED lights, solar panel, AAA rechargeable battery and stainless steel hardware. Soji Modern lantern comes fully assembled.
Available in Pure White and Mineral Motif (white with grey floral pattern).

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