St. Patricks Day a Day of Green

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is always a day of greenness but we should make this holiday less about just the color and more about the act of being green and doing green things. You may even be able to trick those un-green folks who think your attempts at saving the Earth are futile into doing green deeds with you. Here are some tips I found floating around the internet on turning your holiday in to a real green day!

1. Buy Organic Liquor for Your Partying.
I know that today is notorious for everyone just getting plain drunk today so instead of serving regular old liquor at your event why not get all organic drinks instead. I bet no one would even notice and remember to recycle all of the empties!! Try Organic and Vegan Wines.

2. Go Veggie with your Irish Cooking!
I know that corned beef and cabbage is all the rage but this year why not be different and create a vegetarian meal for the holiday comprised of all green foods and maybe a veggie version of corned beef. If you don’t tell anyone and dress it up like corned beef they probably wouldn’t even know. Get them drunk first just incase. Whole Foods Companion can give you some tips

3. Use Vegetable Dyes
Today is the day everyone wants to dye everything they own green: pets, hair, nails, clothes and especially food! That is all well and good but when you dye things green maybe go for a much safer type of dye that is vegetable based. Manic Panic hair dye has no animal by-products and isnt tested on animals or for food try India Tree Natural Decorating Colors Set

4. Donate to an Irish Cause!
Instead of getting wasted why not really honor the Irish by giving to a cause that is important to them or their environment. You can find help here:

5. Plant Something Green for St. Patrick’s Day
Do your part as you should anytime and plant something. It happens to be a bonus that the color of this holiday is green. Make it a true green holiday and plant something nice in your yard, office, community area or even somewhere random where there isn’t alot of green.  <a href=’’>Plant Trees</a> or Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with 10% Off Orders over $50 at, when you use code STPT10 now through 3/18

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