Stained Glass Heart

Stained Glass Hearts

Stained Glass Hearts


Wax Paper
Crayon Shavings (adults can shave the crayons with scissors, a knife or a grater)
Hole Punch
A few inches of string or ribbon from around the house


1. Fold a piece of waxed paper in half. Draw half a heart with the center of the heart at the fold.

2. Open the waxed paper and place it flat on your work surface.

3. Sprinkle/place the crayon shavings on the waxed paper. You can sprinkle randomly or you may want to make a pattern with the shavings. A light layer of shavings works best.

4. Cover the waxed paper with an additional piece of waxed paper.

5. Put a towel or washcloth on top of the waxed paper (this will protect the iron), then have an adult iron the two layers of waxed paper together on low heat.

6. Cut out the heart image .

7. Punch a hole near the top of your heart and thread a string through the hole for hanging the heart.

8. Hang it in front of a window so the light can shine through.

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