Summ-Organic Sangria

Summ-Organic Sangria

Summ-Organic Sangria

I actually stole the instructions from WebEcoist who had an even better title Sustainable Sangria but we can’t all be that clever. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of organic sangria before! It is probably one of the easiest summer beverages to be made organically! At the Beagle sangria is one of our fave warm weather drinks! Here is how we make ours:


1 Bottle of Organic Wine (You can use red or white)
1 organic orange
1 organic lemon
1 organic peach
1 organic lime
1 splash organic lemonade
1 cup fruit flavored seltzer (for fizziness)
1 cup organic ginger ale


1. Cut the orange, lemon and lime in to half-circles & cut the peach into small wedges. Be aware of the sizes and thickness not so that the fruit doesn’t get in the way of your drinking!

2. Put the fruit in a large pitcher. Then pour the entire bottle of wine over it.

3. Let the fruit and wine soak over night. If you don’t have time to wait you don’t have to let the fruit and wine sit that long it can be served immediately.

4. Add the lemonade, seltzer and ginger ale and stir the mix together when you are about to serve the drinks. You want the sangria to be fizzy when it is served.

5. If you have any fruit left over you can use it to garnish the glasses when serving.

** You can add ice to the sangria also but I don’t like to between the fruit in the drink already it just becomes annoying to try to drink around everything. I also don’t like to add it because it sometimes makes the drink taste watered down.

Here is the link from WebEcoist where they have a list of excellent organic drinks:

organic-vegan-biodynamic wines

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