Make your own Recycled Monsters!

Fibrecraft Foam Sheets
(any colors you want to make your monsters and garden)
Cloth, buttons, any odds and ends you can find to dress up your monsters and garden
Sparkling Glitter Shakers(if you have)
Glue-On Googly Eyes
Recycled Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaners Assorted Colors
Multicolored Poms
Recycled Scissors
Natural Children’s White Glue


First cut out the shapes for your monsters, flowers, plants and trees. If you have stencils or want to make stencils go ahead! You can use them for future projects. After getting your pieces cut out figure out what pieces you want to glue to which. You can either glue everything on to a paper or box or make everything loose to rearrange over and over again.  Then begin gluing everything together.  You can even tie things together if you have ribbons lying around.  You can sew buttons and other odds and ends to them.  You can use anything you find lying around the house.  You don’t even have to use foam to make your monsters, use news papers or magazines, use cotton balls if you don’t have pom-poms, what ever you want to decorate.  Use your imagination!!!

5 Green Cleaners, You Can Make @ Home

I was searching for household things I can make at home, which is something I love to do, when I came across this article that made me super excited. Green Cleaning Products you can make at home!! This was something I am sure was done in the days before you could make a quick trip to the grocery was a reality or even an option. So here are some of them with my own little twists:

Bath & Shower Cleaner:
1 tablespoon of Rumford Baking Powder
1 cup white distilled organic vinegar
This mixture can be used to remove soap scum & stuck on residue.

Drain Cleaner::
Boil a pot of water. While water is boiling sprinkle 1/2 cup of Rumford Baking Powder down the drain then immediately pour 1/2 cup of white distilled organic vinegar then when the water is finished boiling pour it immediately down the drain.

Removing Oil From Pots & Pans
Oily pots and pans only need used organic coffee grounds to be rubbed on the oily pot or pan and left to soak up the oil. After leaving for a while to sit wash the pot or pan and rinse.

Dishwashing Soap – Mix equal parts Dr Bronner Castile Liquid Soap , any scent you prefer, with white distilled organic vinegar and a splash of Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Solution 16 Oz in a bottle with some water. You can choose to add some fresh squeezed organic lemon or your favorite organic essential oil to give it your favorite scent.

Clean & Disinfect Your Cutting Board
Rub Rumford Baking Powder into your cutting board. Spray the board down with distilled white organic vinegar and a squeeze of fresh organic lemon. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Wipe down with warm water. For those difficult stains, reuse a piece of If You Care Aluminum Foil, 100% Recycled
to scrub the board.

Teachers Thank You Card

Fun Craft Kits

The school year is coming to a close. Summer vacation is coming soon, why not give your children’s teacher a big thank you! It is important to appreciate teachers who are good at their jobs. This is an excellent idea for the beginning of the year and even before long vacations. Also by using odds and ends around the home you can be green about it!!


* Ribbons, glitter, buttons, thread, jewels, construction paper or items lying around the house
* 1 – Piece of white cardstock
* shaped or regular hole-punch
* colored chalk, markers, or crayons
* Glue either hot or regular.
* Paints either water color or any kind of paint around the home


1. You can either print or write out the messages you want to say to your teacher.
2. Color the card using chalk, makers, paints, or crayons.
3. Glue your favorite odds and ends to the inside and outside of the card to make it original and special! Show your teacher the special thanks for what you have learned that year.
4. Let the card dry over night to make sure everything will stay and last on the way to school.
5. Give the teacher your thank you card! A little bit goes a long way.