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I was looking for super cute adult clothes MADE IN THE USA but I could not pass this incredibly cute Twirls & Twigs Pink Bee Tunic  up. I absolutely love the style and all of the other pieces I have found! The company has an interesting approach to creating. Let us not forget that these items are created in the USA!! These adorable designs use recycled fabric’s, sustainable printing and do not cost an arm and a leg!! Check out the Twirls and Twigs story at www.twirlsandtwigs.com and tell us how you like them!

Product Description:
Made in USA, Organic Cotton, Recycled Fabric – A versatile dressed up tunic at a fabulous price! This piece is unbeatable style any girl will love. This Twirls and Twigs top is sustainably printed with a water-based screen print, and the recycled trim coordinates with the chocolate slim pant (or any other clothes you have already) for fun and trendy kids’ style. True to size. 100% organic cotton (body), recycled trim.

February’s Top 3 Made in the USA


 In soft and super cute, 100% pure, Certified Organic cotton, this baby tie-knot cap tops any eco-conscious outfit. Organic fibers are naturally grown without pesticides for a special, clean comfort against your baby’s skin.  Make a statement by choosing Organic apparel and accessories for your infant, letting nature benefit at the same time.
Fabric: 100% Pure Certified Organic Cotton. SKAL and GOTS Certified. Made in the USA. By Kiwi Industries
Fair Labor. Low-impact dye process. Natural stitching.



I am a firm believer in strict gun control laws! Why not use your clothing to let people know how you feel?
Made of Certified Organic cotton for eco-conscious men, this short-sleeve t-shirt with a ‘bang’ design is better for the environment because natural fibers use no chemicals during growth and production. In a breathable, long fit, this top also makes a statement about firearm safety and gun control. You’ll enjoy this quality clothing with a passion for sustainability and social awareness for the ‘green’ shopper.  Our “Awareness Apparel” collection is pure and simple with one word on the front and a correlating message on the back. Each item is rolled into a reusable, hand-stamped, drawstring muslin bag and tied with a tag. Fabric: 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton By +E (Positive Energy) Fair Labor. Made in the USA.



Made from 100% Certified Organic cotton with allergy sufferers in mind, this natural sand-solid colored bedding has a 600 thread count for soft luxury. Plant- and vegetable-based dyes are used for fewer toxins where you sleep. These sustainable full sheets give you peace of mind by promoting wellness and a clean planet.  An absolute rare combination of sumptuously luxurious, super soft 600 thread count sheets in 100% Certified Organic Cotton.
 Fabric: 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Environmental low-impact dyes. Made in the USA. By Indika. Fair Labor.

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