A Child’s Introduction to the Environment

A Child's Introduction to the Environment

A Child’s Introduction to the Environment: The Air, Earth, and Sea Around Us- Plus Experiments, Projects, and Activities YOU Can Do to Help Our Planet!

This book stresses the interconnections of all living things and the impact of humans on the environment. Suggestions for simple experiments to “discover for yourself” accompany discussions of topics such as the water cycle, urban ecology, and wind energy. The authors provide ideas for ways that readers can take steps to conserve energy and reduce waste. The conversational writing style, plentiful watercolor illustrations, and varied page layouts add reader appeal. No single subject receives in-depth treatment, but the Driscoll’s touch briefly on weather, biomes, global warming, food chains, landfills, and desertification. The book has an extensive glossary and a list of related books and Web sites, but no index. A reusable lunch sack, stickers, and a poster with suggested conservation activities in English and Spanish come with the book. More useful for browsers than report writers, this eclectic volume offers a starting point for those wanting to tie environmental awareness to concrete action.

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