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Green Halloween 2012, Tell Me Your Ideas

Green Halloween 2012

Green Halloween 2012

It’s that time of year again! One of my most favorite holidays of the year and one of the most wasteful holidays as well. We all know to recycle our decorations, swap or handmake costumes and purchase things with as little packaging and wrapping as possible. As educated Greenies we also know to make sure if we have to make a purchase to make it as ethical as possible. So what are some other ideas for making your Halloween green? I am fresh out to be honest. I have searched far and wide and besides the endless list of craft ideas I don’t see much but the same recycled information. So this time I am asking my faithfull Greenies to give me ideas! I want to know what you do or what you think we can all do to make our Halloween more ethical! No idea is to small or silly! I want to hear them all.

Eco-Friendly Halloween Pet Costumes

Eco-Friendly Pet Costumes

Eco-Friendly Pet Costumes

I was on the hunt for eco-friendly Halloween Pet costumes and I didn’t realize that it is next to impossible to find but as the greenie I am I did find/come up with some decent alternatives!

Green Halloween

This blog has dates for costume swaps in your area. You can start one in your neighborhood! Go to your local pet store, dog park or even neighbors and see if people would be interested in swapping their old dog costumes. You can even go to local schools or community centers. Fall is a great time for fairs see if they would be interested in hosting a swap! It’s a great way to get local pet owners to meet each other and even illustrate the importance of keeping their pets green!


If you have old clothes or fabric laying around why not make the costume you have always wanted for your pet? You can download patterns off the internet or just wing it. This can also be a group or community event. Ask people to bring old cloth, broken jewelry, pins odds and ends and everyone can swap and use what everyone brought! You can make this a tradition and collect donations year round. Another added bonus is asking people to bring donations for local shelters. Shelters always need old blankets, towels, toys and food for pets. Get your community involved and maybe you can make an impact on the retail world that is seriously lacking in this aspect of the market.