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donate | The Green Beagle - Part 2

Donation Parties

Little Shelter Rescue



I went to a friends house last weekend who was having a sort of party extravaganza and all that she required was that each attendee bring something for a local shelter called Little Shelter that she rescued her dogs from. She invited her other friends who did Avon, Scentsy, 31 gifts, passion parties, and someone who made amazing cake truffles. She made a ton of food and had drinks galore lol (the best way to get tons of donates is to get and keep everyone tipsy). The event was a hit and there was plenty to donate. It made me think how can I get this to spread to other areas and get people do to this regularly.
Rescues need all of the help they can get and no one wants to see happy healthy animals put down. It is a horrible process that even has me tearing up just writing about it. After seeing the success of this party I think everyone should do it for any event you have. Go to a dollar store if you have to to purchase supplies. You can ask for rescue donations at birthday parties, weddings (I have seen it on Tori & Deans wedding show), holiday parties, or even do what my friend did and invite other hostesses who sell their own merchandise to bring in a larger crowd.
Animal rescuing is something so near and dear to my heart. My first rescue Skye was in such a horrible state when I adopted her and 10 years and 3 additional rescues later she is healthy happy and in the most loving home ever. She is the sweetest dog even after what she had to suffer for the first year 1/2 of her life. Every dog deserves that chance.
If you throw a donation party post pictures on our Facebook page and comment under this post which shelter the donations went to after you have donated and I will send you something awesomely green!

Get started with the Animal rescue today1

Buy A Candle Save A Pet

Buy A Candle Save A pet

Buy A Candle Save A Pet

When: Wednesday August 24 at 3:00pm – September 5 at 9:00am

Location: On line

More Info: Hi Fellow Friends & Animal Lovers:

This is something that is VERY NEAR AND DEAR to my heart!!

I’m working w/ Gold Canyon Candles to raise money for Lost Our Home Pet Foundation who is a resource for real estate professionals and other members of the community who discover an abandoned pet, and to provide options for pet owners faced with difficult economic circumstances while promoting the spaying and neutering of pets. These animals are left with no food, water and no way to remove themselves from a backyard.

The wonderful thing about this organization is they help people keep their beloved pets by distributing food to families who cannot afford it, temporary house them until a family can get back on their feet and help animals that are left behind and find them a forever home. Lost Our Home Pet Foundation will get 40 % of total profit. The great thing about candles is they smell wonderful, make great gifts and at the same time you can help an animal that is victim to foreclosure. Below are the list of scents and prices.

Here are the various scents: 26oz. ($25.00), 16oz. ($22.00), 8 oz. ($18.00)
Apple Spice (Fruity,delicious)
Autumn Walk ( Air/musky)
Cozy Christmas( Spicy, cozy)
Cranberry/Orange ( Fresh, tart, fruity)
Cinnamon Vanilla (Rich, sweet, spicy)
Clean Sheets( Crisp,Breezy, clean)
Days Of Christmas( Fruity, festive)
Holiday Wreath( Crisp, Clean, piney)
Mulled Cider ( Tart, warm)
Pomegranate (Sweet, Light, fruity)
Pumpkin Pie (Creamy, spicy,rich)
Sugar Cookie ( Warm, Buttery)
Sweet Pea ( Light, Floral, Fruity)
Warm Welcome ( Sweet, Luscious, Rich)
Moroccan Amber Vanilla (Spicy,Sultry,Earthy)

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. Please email me with your orders. Should you want to order something else from the website, that is not on the scent list, please feel free to do so by emailing me as well. Here is the link to see everything available. http://www8.mygc.com/Default.aspx?alias=www8.mygc.com%2FCharlindaBurns
Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. All orders go in September 5th .

Get started with the Animal rescue today1

Donate to Tornado Disaster Relief

Tornado Disaster Relief

Tornado Disaster Relief

In light of the tragedy in the South we have an opportunity for ultimate reduce, recycle and reuse! Send items whether it be clothes, kitchen items, toys or anything you were going to get rid of because you didn’t need anymore to people who really do need it.
This weekend I went through our closets, kitchen, basement and attic to see what we have been holding on to that we should really be sharing. I even found pet items my pets either never used or won’t ever use. We should all be thinking how we can help because if it were the other way around you would need the kindness of strangers. I found a list of places to donate here:

Disaster Relief
c/o First Baptist Church of Moody
902 Church Street
Moody, AL 35004

If you would like to send a monetary donation, please memo your check as Disaster Relief.

Other places to donate:

You can send a monetary donation to:

Salvation Army Disaster Relief
PO Box 100339
Atlanta, GA 30384-0339

Red Cross is taking text donations. Just text text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10.

Also check out:

The Veterans Site

TerraCycle is Even Cooler Than I Thought!



I have heard of Terracycle before and even written about some of their products. What I didn’t know is how absolutely cool this company is. I was at work and someone brought in Rainbow Chip Cookies and immediately I noticed the Terracycle logo.  Terracycle has a Brigade network which allows you to recycle everything from food wrappers to computers to health and beauty packaging! The best incentive for you less than green individuals is the proceeds are donated to a charity or school of your choice.
TerraCycle was started by a 20 year old Princeton freshman who decided to start reusing empty bottles to ship his organic fertilizer and is now a major up & recycling business that collects from different countries around the world. Anyone of us could be the next Tom Szaky!

About TerraCycle:
TerraCycle’s purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste. We do this by creating national recycling systems for the previously non-recyclable. The process starts by offering collection programs (many of them free) to collect your waste and then convert the collected waste into a wide range of products and materials. With over 14 million people collecting waste in 11 countries together we have diverted billions of pieces of waste that are either upcycled or recycled into over 1,500 various products available at major retailers ranging from Walmart to Whole Foods Market. Our hope is to eliminate the idea of waste by creating collection and solution systems for anything that today ends up in our trash.
Founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky, then a 20-year-old Princeton University freshman, TerraCycle began by producing organic fertilizer, packaging liquid worm poop in used soda bottles. Since then TerraCycle has grown into one of the fastest growing green companies in the world.

You can start your own Brigade and start earning money towards your charity right here:

Help fundraise for schools in need while shopping at The Ultimate Green Store.com!

Urgent Animals at the Irving Animal Shelter

Kuranda Bed Donation

Kuranda Bed Donation

Our goal is to get 100 beds donated to the Irving Animal Shelter

To purchase a kuranda bed to be donated to the shelter, please click here: http://kuranda.com/donate 

When you purchase a bed for the shelter, you will receive a 15% off coupon to use on your next purchase.

The dogs will love you forever for giving them the gift of comfort during their stay at the shelter.

 Everytime we raise enough for a bed plus shipping and handling…we will purchase a bed….right now we need $21 to purchase our first bed from our chipin money.

Our wishlist:

50 Large beds – $56 each (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 5 have been donated…45 to go)

50 Medium beds – $52 (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 4 have been donated…46 to go)

50 Large fleece pads – $18 (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 0 have been donated…50 to go)

50 Medium fleece pads – $16 (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 0 have been donated…50 to go)

If you would like to help with the bed drive, but can not purchase an entire bed, please click here to donate to the chipin:


Eco-Friendly Halloween Pet Costumes

Eco-Friendly Pet Costumes

Eco-Friendly Pet Costumes

I was on the hunt for eco-friendly Halloween Pet costumes and I didn’t realize that it is next to impossible to find but as the greenie I am I did find/come up with some decent alternatives!

Green Halloween

This blog has dates for costume swaps in your area. You can start one in your neighborhood! Go to your local pet store, dog park or even neighbors and see if people would be interested in swapping their old dog costumes. You can even go to local schools or community centers. Fall is a great time for fairs see if they would be interested in hosting a swap! It’s a great way to get local pet owners to meet each other and even illustrate the importance of keeping their pets green!


If you have old clothes or fabric laying around why not make the costume you have always wanted for your pet? You can download patterns off the internet or just wing it. This can also be a group or community event. Ask people to bring old cloth, broken jewelry, pins odds and ends and everyone can swap and use what everyone brought! You can make this a tradition and collect donations year round. Another added bonus is asking people to bring donations for local shelters. Shelters always need old blankets, towels, toys and food for pets. Get your community involved and maybe you can make an impact on the retail world that is seriously lacking in this aspect of the market.

Poker for Paws!

Come join them for a Poker and BlackJack Tournament

Together we can save the lives of innocent foreclosure victims and give them a new chance at life!

Enjoy playing poker or know someone who does? Looking for something fun to do this Sunday (June 27) evening? Then check out Poker for Paws Tournament in Tempe, across from The Improv, from 5-9pm. The evening will be sponsored by ABC Bartending & Casino School and all monies received will benefit Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.

It’s free to walk in the door and be a spectator, but those interested in playing poker or blackjack with Lady Luck need to register and pay a $40 admission fee to secure their seat at the table.

Prizes will be given to the top 3 winners and on-line registration makes registration a breeze. Whether you play or not, be sure to bring plenty of cash, as refreshments and food will be sold and raffle prizes will be drawn throughout the night; and we all know with raffles, the more you buy, the better your chance of winning!

Special Raffle Prize of an Autographed Baseball by Don Newcomb of the LA Dodgers and Football Suveneir autographed by Tod Heq – former ASU football player along with many other great prizes.

725 South Rural Road, Suite #210,Tempe, AZ 85251 (Across from The Improv)

Contact Stacy Katz for questions – 602-524-8169

Help this West Virginia Shelter





Nothing breaks my heart more than injured animals. I came across this article when I was on Twitter and I had to post it on The Green Beagle in hopes that people will help this shelter and donate.

Animals Killed in WV Shelter Fire

More than 50 cats, small dogs and puppies have died in a fire that destroyed one of the Ritchie County Humane Society’s buildings.
Humane society President Kitty Ray says the fire broke out early Wednesday morning in one of two buildings used as shelters. Larger dogs housed in the other building weren’t injured.
Ray says the fire also destroyed pet food, office supplies, equipment and records stored in the building. A cause hasn’t been determined.
Ray says animal rescue groups around the country have donated money and supplies.
Donations can be made through the organization’s Website or mailed to the Ritchie County Humane Society, RR 1 Box 3, Harrisville, WV 26362.

Get Free Standard Shipping on Symbolic Animal Adoptions from ShopNWF.org!

What Can you do for Haiti?


When you know you can help you should right? It is our duty as citizens of the world to help out others that really need it.  Whether it’s a friend, donating at a blood drive or adopting a pet from a pound!  It is important to participate in your community and in the worlds affairs.  Sometimes its difficult to know where to start.   Helping with Haiti relief is the perfect way to begin being proactive.  Here is a list of websites you can visit to help:

1. http://www.worldvision.org/worldvision/eappeal.nsf/egift-haiti-earthquake-relief?Open&campaign=113655125&cmp=KNC-113655125

2. http://www.mercycorps.org/?source=19000

3. http://www.google.com/relief/haitiearthquake/#utm_campaign=en&utm_source=en-ha-na-us-sk&utm_medium=ha&utm_term=haiti%20support

4. http://www.redcross.org/

5. http://www.info.com/help%20haiti?cb=28&cmp=3976&gclid=CO2FzI6rpZ8CFYdd5QodtVZAhQ

6. http://www.helphaitinow.org/

7. http://www.z100.com/main.html

8. http://www.oxfam.org.uk/?ITO=1482

9. Text the word Haiti to 90999 to donate $10.00 to the Red Cross Relief Fund; it will be added to your phone bill. Quick and easy, and could mean everything to someone!

10. Please visit www.can-do.org for live feed on joint efforts with Airline Ambassadors, Yele Haiti, and other amazing partners.