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eco-fashion | The Green Beagle - Part 2

From War to Peace Contest

From War to Peace

From War to Peace




From War to Peace is an amazing company and because I love them so much I wanted to share them with you. This Peace Bronze Necklace is beautiful and even better it is made from disarmed bombs.
Please be advised that international shipping costs are subject to change depending on country.
The previous winner did not claim her prize so this awesome necklace is up for grabs.
All you have to do is share this contest on your page and like us on Facebook.
The winner has 48 hours to e-mail me on Facebook or at accounts@thegreenbeagle.com. If the contestant fails to contact me with in 48 hours the necklace will be up for grabs once again!

Ecoist Pink Hope Collection

Ecoist Pink Hope Collection

Ecoist Pink Hope Collection





October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Ecoist in all of their awesomeness has made a collection just for it! Ecoist has committed to donating between 1 and 5 % of profits to the Breast Cancer Fund.
As a women and having two women in my family who have had breast cancer it is of constant importance to myself and others around me to be aware and to help support the cause as much as I can. Have you don’t your part this month? If not purchase yourself or someone you love one of the adorable bags from Ecoist’s Pink Hope Collection. You will look cute as well as feel good about your purchase. You can get your very own Pink Hope Bag by clicking here!


I am tired of all of the deals that everyone else gets with websites like Send The Trend, Beyond The Rack, Style Mint and the list goes on and on. When are the eco-conscious designers going to break out and give us a much less crunchy look! Our chance has finally arrived! LovingEco offers daily private sales that help you make smart and fashionable choices. We all know the greenest choice is not to purchase at all but if you have to why let our environment suffer in the process.
What I really like about LovingEco’s site isnt the sales at all but their team. You get to see their pictures and get a sense of who they are besides just forcing eco-fashionable sales on you. Not that that is what they do but many eco-businesses can write an excellent mission statement and provide you with that you want to hear to increase their sales but the LovingEco team gets personal. You can feel if you are unsatisfied you know exactly who you can hold accountable and that takes courage! Did I also mention that proceeds go to charity when you purchase their Style for a Change tank.  100% of the proceeds go to one of 6 charities they have listed but you get to choose which one you want to donate to.  That is a change I can definitely get behind.

LovingEco’s Mission:Our mission is to create a healthier planet. We are passionate about inspiring change, giving back, having fun and making eco stylish. LovingEco helps give people the opportunity to make better choices about the products they purchase so that we together can create a more environmentally and socially conscious planet. By choosing to shop here you will create conscious positive choices from organic, recycled, eco-friendly and ethically produced items. And with each purchase a portion of sales goes back to charitable causes. Now start shopping differently…small changes can make a big difference.

Have you ever tried LovingEco? If so what was your experience? I admit I haven’t purchased from them yet but I do plan on doing so! Keep in mind the holiday’s are coming and this is a great idea to get good deals on some great eco-conscious items.

Matt & Nat Laroux Cross Body

Matt & Nat Laroux Clutch

I have been drooling over Matt & Natbags for years! I love their style and design! I refuse to wear or purchase leather or any article of clothing or accessory made from an animal but that being said I also love fashion! I went to college for it!  While most of my friends were wearing Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and so on I was quite limited to bags that I liked that didn’t look “hippish” but that didn’t look cheap either. It sometimes was a grueling process to find shoes, bags wallets or even sometimes coats. Now with businesses like Matt & Nat those of us who choose not to participate in torturing animals have the opportunity to show the rest of the fashion world you don’t need leather or snake skin to be fashionable!
For my birthday this year some of my fave friends got together and purchased me my first Matt & Nat bag! I am in love! I had been dying to get my own for a while but was trying to be conservative. I can’t get enough of it. I have been wearing it everyday and every time someone asks me about the bag I give them the story of Matt & Nat.

About Matt & Nat:In the summer of 1992, I was challenged by a Mahatma to go vegetarian for 30 days. At the time I had no idea that this choice would have such an impact in my life as well as that of others.
Three years later, I was completing a degree in marketing and corporate law when one of my courses required me to develop a business plan and go out to attain funding from banks. I came up with the idea of MATT & NAT, got a B on the paper and got zero ‘pretend funding’ from 2 banks. Nevertheless, feeling that this would be my life’s calling, I decided to forego the idea of attending law school and start a brand shaped by duality, the idea of creating beautiful things that have a positive impact. The characters in the acronym M&N represent this journey.
Over Fifteen years later, our team is continuously working towards this goal, developing beautiful (we hope) products for people who appreciate a smart, unpretentious, socially conscious brand characterized by minimalist design and utility.

Positive impact, every little bit counts!
As has been the case since our humble beginnings, our line is cruelty-free, using no animal products. Veganism has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to fight global warming.
As an example of the spirit and commitment of MATT & NAT, all linings of our bags and wallets are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. In fact, on average we recycle 21 water bottles to make the lining of each bag.
In 2011 we introduced cork labeling inside all of our bags, an innovative material in the fashion industry that is sustainable to the environment. Cork extraction is one of the most environmentally friendly harvesting processes in the world.
Every now and then we also donate bags to women’s shelters around Montreal, feed the homeless people of this city a vegetarian meal and throw product out of our office windows to loyal fans.

Get started with the Animal rescue today1

Literally Orange Earrings

Literally Orange Earrings
Literally Orange Earrings

I have a thing for lemons, limes and oranges. I used to photograph them all of the time and slice them up in different arrangements, put lights on them and snap away. I have always had a liking for all 3 fruits less for eating and more for their vibrant colors and shapes. I am not sure why but I think they are beautiful to look at now I can wear them! I love it. The Literally Orange Earrings are actual orange slices coated in a resin for preservation that you can wear and they won’t go bad! How awesome is that! Talk about using natural resources right? When you purchase the Literally Orange Earringsyou are helping Chilean artisans create an income for their families and communities. Your small purchase can go a long way. Gifts With Humanity is an incredible organization that focuses on helping communities capitalize on their art or craft where the locals otherwise couldn’t. Always remember to think about the impact your purchasing power really has!

About Literally Orange Earrings:
These thin slices of orange are coated in resin to preserve their color and shape. They even have a citrus scent! Pueblos del Sur artisans in Chile created these orange earrings by hand as an income generating project. The earrings measures about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and hangs from a silver nickel hook.

Gifts With Humanity - You Shop We Donate

Bamboo Hoodie Dress

Bamboo Hoodie Dress

Bamboo Hoodie Dress

How amazingly cute is this dress from Bamboo Styles! I absolutely love it! It is only $28 and guess what….MADE OUT OF BAMBOO!! Super cool right?! I love hoods I have no idea why but I do and the 3/4 sleeve and stitching make me need this Bamboo Hoodie Dress, like yesterday. Usually, most of bamboo or even organic cotton clothing is very plain and crunchy looking. The pieces that have a little attitude to them are usually crazy expensive. I really do appreciate finding stylish clothes that are priced right and sustainable for our environment. I am glad to see a company such as Bamboo Styles appreciates this as well. Bamboo Stylesdoesn’t offer a huge selection of men’s or women’s clothing but the items they do offer I happen to think have a little flare to them which makes all the difference to me.

Product Info:
•Biza brand
•Form fitting on top and through sleeves – comfortable loose fit in the skirt
•Bottom hem hits at mid-thigh
•3/4 sleeves
•Empire waist band detail
•Scar stitching on shoulder seam and waistband
•70% bamboo 25% cotton 5% spandex
•Made in Mexico
The bamboo clothing you purchase from us is guaranteed to be:
•Extremely soft
•Moisture wicking
•Made from bamboo grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers

Bamboo Styles

Ecoist’s Scarf-Necklace

Yes, Yes I know another Ecoist item but what can I say, they have been wowing me more than ever lately. How cute is this scarf-necklace really!

Scarf Necklace

Scarf Necklace

Yesterday’s News = Today’s Fashion

These absolutely fabulous scarf-necklaces are made from upcycled t-shirts and factory remnants and are handmade by local women. Ecoist offers a variety of prints but I personally can never say no to animal prints in general.Ecoist’sScarf-Necklace is moderately priced but that isn’t to say the necklace isn’t worth the purchase! I am completely swooning over these!

7 Rings of Peace Earrings

7 Rings of Peace

7 Rings of Peace

Mother’s day is almost here and you know an important part of being a mother is keeping the peace in the home but does she get enough peace herself? Maybe not? Why not give her the gift of peace with the 7 Rings of Peace Earrings made by From War to Peace. These fantastically designed earrings drew inspiration from ancient times where 7 circlesmeant perfection as well as the 7 pointed star which stands to represent the peaceful union of all nations and faiths. How more peaceful can jewelry get right?
The 7 circlesbronze earrings were recycled from bronze that was formerly disarmed nuclear missiles systems. I have written other articles about From War to Peace’s bracelets made from disarmed bullets.
I love these items and I think your mother would too! They can be worn everyday but are elegant enough to be dressed up for a fancy evening out! I may not be a mother but I am definitely going to purchase a pair of these earrings for myself ASAP!

recycled jewelry

SoleRebels “Whole Rebel” Sandals

SoleRebels "Whole Rebel" Sandals

SoleRebels "Whole Rebel" Sandals

Free Standard Shipping in the US on Orders of $50 or more. Promo Code: SHIP. Offer Valid

The nice weather is upon us which means FLIP FLOP TIME!!!! Sole Rebels“Whole Rebel” Sandals are way cute, go with any outfit and made Fair Trade in Ethiopia! When you purchase a pair of Sole Rebels you will also be saving 1,145 sq ft of Rainforest!

Product Description:

Do good while looking good! These fashionable “Whole Rebels” sandals are organic, eco-friendly, and also help support injured former soldiers in Ethiopia. Founded by Kiru Alemu, Sole Rebels bring a source of hope by creating job opportunities for wounded veterans while creating something that can be enjoyed worldwide.

The soles of the sandals are made from recycled tires, and the tops of the sandals are made from recycled and organic materials in your choice of Blue, Red or Green.

Choose U.S. women’s sizes 6, 6 1/2, 7 1/2, 8 1/2, 9, or 9 1/2 (European women’s sizes 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, or 41). Handmade in and fairly traded from Ethiopia.

Get started with the hunger site today!

Aum Eco Flash Dance Sweatshirt

Aum Eco Flash Dance Sweatshirt

Go Eco- Friendly with looks from YogaClothing.com

I love comfy workout clothes even more so I love when they are eco-friendly. I think the Aum Eco Flash Dance Sweatshirt is super cute and is made from 50% recycled polyester and 46% organic cotton. You can be comfy, cute and conscious at the same time!! Have you ever tried any
products? If so leave a comment and let us know you like your eco-friendly yoga clothes.

Product Description:
Aum Eco Flash Dance Sweatshirt
 Women’s regular-fit eco-fleece long-sleeve sweatshirt with off-the-shoulder neckline and front kangaroo pocket. 2×1 rib set in cuffs and bottom band. Neck and pocket edges have a raw-hem finish for a super-cool retro appeal.
50% polyester (6.25% recycled), 46% cotton (6.25% organic), 4% naturally occurring rayon.

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