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eco-friendly | The Green Beagle - Part 2

Get Ethical For Kids This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up once again and gift buying is clearly in full swing. If you have to make purchases you know I always say to make them ethical. I have found quite a few really cute gift ideas that won’t hurt your wallet or our environment. Gift giving shouldn’t just be about having stuff, they should be meaningful. Make your presents have a statement. You could help recruit a new greenie or even just open someones eyes. Being ethical says you care for not only for our environment but the person you are giving the gift to.

Clean Spirited features Free Range by Autonomie Project EcoFriendly Organic Kids Bib


How cute is this bib seriously!!! I want one for myself. I am not at all afraid to admit I too can sometimes get messy when I eat. Autonomie Project’s  made with 100% organic, Fair Trade certified cotton. The bib was stitched in a fair trade facility with high ethical standards.




Did you say edible face paint? Yes please! Wee Can Too’s edible art supplies are seriously some of the funnest ideas ever for art supplies. I am not sure why this company isn’t taking over the world but that is another article. What kids don’t like getting their faces painted. The paints are made using plant dyes and can be used on the face, body and even as regular paint on paper or projects. This is a great gift for even adults.



KidKraft Children's Fire Hydrant Night Stand


I think the KidKraft Fire Hydrant Night Stand is just a super cool night stand. It ships for free which is amazing and is only $60! The night stand is made from rubberwood which is ecologically sustainable timber making it an eco friendly choice! The bright colors and design of the hydrant are super fun. The stand has plenty of storage space.

Homemade Non-Toxic Glitter

Homemade Non-Toxic Glitter

Homemade Non-Toxic Glitter

Glitter is clearly one of my most favorite things on the planet. Thanks to Planet Pals (where I found the recipe)  you can now make your own homemade non-toxic glitter! I am over the moon type excited to try this out! This is the best thing to ever happen since glitter was actually invented I think! If you have tried this let me know how it worked out for you, I’d love to hear about/see the results. You can also use this glitter for food because is it only food coloring and salt or sugar! You can get tons of uses out of it.


Baking Pan
Tin Foil
1/4 cup of salt (or granulated sugar)
1/2 teaspoon of LIQUID food coloring


1.Preheat an oven to 350 degrees oven for 10 mins
2. You can use 1/2 cup coarse salt (non iodized) or 1/2 cup granulated sugar and add 2 -10 drops food coloring, adjust for desired color. You can mix colors also to get fun new colors!
3. Spread the mixture out in an even layer on a foil-lined baking sheet.
4. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.
5. Allow your homemade glitter to cool before using it.

Paste food coloring can result in smoking. You may also store it in an air tight container for several months. This stays drier and stores wonderfully as is but even better if you spread colored salt/sugar in a thin layer to air dry for about an hour or microwave in 30 second intervals, stir and repeat for about 1-2 minutes or until moisture is evaporated. You can also add a few grains of rice to absorb any moisture.

Green Halloween 2012, Tell Me Your Ideas

Green Halloween 2012

Green Halloween 2012

It’s that time of year again! One of my most favorite holidays of the year and one of the most wasteful holidays as well. We all know to recycle our decorations, swap or handmake costumes and purchase things with as little packaging and wrapping as possible. As educated Greenies we also know to make sure if we have to make a purchase to make it as ethical as possible. So what are some other ideas for making your Halloween green? I am fresh out to be honest. I have searched far and wide and besides the endless list of craft ideas I don’t see much but the same recycled information. So this time I am asking my faithfull Greenies to give me ideas! I want to know what you do or what you think we can all do to make our Halloween more ethical! No idea is to small or silly! I want to hear them all.

Octobers Save Your Green

ecomom Halloween SaleThe fall is one of my most favorite times of year. The weather is perfect the holiday is perfect I cannot get enough of October. It is pretty much my favorite month of the year next to birthday month that is. That being said there are tons of amazing green deals for you right here. Don’t be left out in the cold! Shop at stores you know and trust to get the products that mean something to you.

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Fair Trade gifts

Birthdays come and go. Give the gift that lasts a lifetime. Make a difference with charity: water today!

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Bring Eco-Fun Back To School

It is back to school season already and I feel like summer has just flown by. It makes me sad for the beautiful weather but excited for fall! I know everyone is scrambling for new supplies and the hottest cool fads to bring back to the classroom. I hope green will be in this year! Here are some items supplies that can help you and your family keep on the green path during this school year:

Lunch Box Size Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Lunch Box Size Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle



One of the most important parts of the day is staying hydrated. The Lunch Box Size Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a great way to avoid sugary drinks sold at school while still having a clean cold drink during the say. The bottle is refillable and reusable. Kleen Kanteenbottles are made from 100% recyclable, food grade, and high quality stainless steel. The wide-mouth bottle even allows for you to put ice cubes or thicker drinks in to it. They are easy to clean and much better for the environment than disposable bottles/boxes.




EcoGear Ocean Recycled PET Backpack

EcoGear Ocean Recycled PET Backpack


The EcoGear Ocean Recycled PET Backpack is made from recycled PET bottles for 1. but 2. is only $34.00 which to be honest is a great price for a book bag. EcoGearhas 3 different style bags to choose from so everyone can find something they like. These backpacks are super cute and stylish for being “green”. The simple designs can make sure that the bag will last through a few school years making it completely worth the money.


Penelope Pirate Owl Jotter

Penelope Pirate Owl Jotter


The Penelope Pirate Owl Jotter is perfect for homework assignments, chores or to do lists for any student. I always kept my homework assignments in smaller notebooks with due dates so I could mark off what assignments were finished. It make it much easier to prioritize. The Penelope Pirate Owl Jotteris make from sustainably harvested birch, is recyclable and the pages are made from 100% post consumer waste! Let’s also not forget how completely adorable this thing is seriously.




Green Apple Eco-friendly Highlighter Pencils

Green Apple Eco-friendly Highlighter Pencils


I love the idea of highlighter pencils! How much fun! Regular highlighters always bled through or ran out at the worst time ever! Green Apple Eco-friendly Highlighter Pencils are biodegradable, big enough in size to cover enough space for high lighting and won’t smear or smudge. They can also be used to make super cute doodles and drawings when some subjects are less than interesting.


All Natural Glue

All Natural Glue



I know in school glue is something that gets used often. Projects are inevitable in school and many times regular glues smell horrible. All Natural Glueis just as good if not better than other adhesives. Also, if your child or one you know is a fan of eating glue this is obviously the better and safer choice.




Robot Stainless Steel Food Jar by Crocodile Creek

Robot Stainless Steel Food Jar by Crocodile Creek


Bringing lunch to school is a great way to save money and be healthy. To make your dining experience greener make sure to use items like this stainless steel food jar by Crocodile Creek. Reusable packaging is great for school lunches. They don’t have to worry about throwing anything out, reusable food storage items keep food safer and yummier by the time lunch rolls around. Crocodile Creek has super cute stuff for you or your kids lunches.

August’s Save Your Green

August's Save Your Green

August's Save Your Green



The summer is almost coming to a close which makes me super sad but have no fear there fall is almost here which means fun, cooler weather and back to school!! Now is a great time to get deals on fun summer stuff and for all of your back to school needs!
Saving money and being responsible about your purchases is very important. I know it is difficult to find companies that you can trust. Being green isn’t always easy but I have found some great companies with great deals right here for you!

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eco lunch boxes

Tribest – Soymilk Maker and Tofu Kit

Tribest - Soymilk Maker and Tofu Kit

Tribest - Soymilk Maker and Tofu Kit



I never really thought about making my own soy milk or tofu but this looks like it could be really fun. I found the Tribest Soymilk Maker & Tofu kit while I was browsing GreenCupboards.com. I am not sure why it never occurred to me that I could make my own but this is the exact reason why I “window shop” at my regular green stores. The variety of items out there that can really help you save money, time and energy are surprising. I will admit some products may not be completely effective but this one looks like a ton of fun. I have a feeling making your own tofu or milk might be difficult at first but once you get into the swing of things it could be so much easier than buying either at the store. If you are interested in this or other fun items for your home check out GreenCupboards.com.

Product Description: Soyabella is even more convenient and versatile with the deluxe SB-132 package. It adds the tofu kit and stainless steel lid. The tofu kit is a handy tofu press that squeezes soy curds into delicious tofu perfect for salads, snacks, or as a meat substitute. The stainless steel lid keeps your fresh soymilk covered while you clean the grinding head, extending the life of your Soyabella Soymilk Maker. The Soyabella Soymilk Maker is the elegantly easy way to make fresh soymilk and a variety of other delicious recipes in your own kitchen. Simply add soybeans and water to the Soyabella Soymilk Maker and you get fresh soymilk in about 15 minutes. Soyabella is also great for making milk from a wide variety of beans, as well as for making fresh rice milk, rice paste, sesame paste, and porridge. It can even be used as a coffee grinder and mill by using included accessories. Plus, the Soyabella Soymilk Maker is extremely easy to clean.

How is Tribest green? Tribest’s focus on healthy living is at the core of the wide range of energy efficient products they produce. With the Green Star in energy efficiency and conservation, Tribest continues to make household appliances that juice your fruits, not your energy bill. Take it from the eco-savvy developers at Tribest, using less electricity simple makes more sense. A reduced power bill means a reduction in electrical pollution. It’s aneco-appliance win-win with anything from the Tribest line.

Build a Portable Golf Course

Build a Portable Golf Course

Build a Portable Golf Course




Since it is still summer and the weather is sunny and warm an outdoor craft is a great idea to keep the family entertained!  I found this spiffy little idea on one of my fave sites FamilyFun.go.com.  I think the portable golf course is the cutest idea ever! If you like it enough you can bring the course with you to parties to share with friends and family. You might even inspire them to make a course of their own.
If you are a teacher this could be an excellent project for your students. The children can make and decorate their own courses and get really creative with other things they have around the house.


3-liter plastic soda bottles
Colored tape
Cardboard tubes
Duct tape
Any decorations you want to add to make them more yours ie glitter, ribbons anything lying around the house that could be used as a decoration.

1. Trim the bottom off a 3-liter plastic soda bottle, then cut out an arched hole (approximately 3-1/4 inches wide and 4 inches tall) in the base.
2. Use colored tape, paint, markers and anything you want to decorate and number the bottles.
3. Fold a 3- by 11-1/2-inch piece of cardboard around the bottom of a long, sturdy cardboard tube (like a wrapping paper tube or poster/document tube). Wrap duct tape around the two pieces to secure them together, then wrap the rest of the tube.

2012 Tips For Greening Your 4th

2012 Tips For Greening Your 4th

2012 Tips For Greening Your 4th



The 4th of July is upon us again. I have been scouring blogs, articles and newscasts to find new green tips for your 4th. Here are some things that have been mentioned before and some new things I didn’t even think of.

1.We know Fireworks are no beuno! Besides the noise that scares outdoor animals and are harmful for the environment not to mention dangerous, did you also know that the 4th of July is the #1 day pets run away? I was unaware but I did recently find this out.

2.You know to make sure to use reusable/recyclable utensils for the event. If you are having a big party there is no need to have big garbage. There are plenty of affordable options for serving.

3.Make as little waste as possible. Give away left overs and don’t over cook. I know for parties people are always concerned about not having enough food. Purchase items you and your family will eat even after the holiday. You don’t have to make everything right now all at once. Make food in shifts. If people are still hungry you can always make more. You also don’t have to leave all of the food out. People will eat just because food is sitting there. Put out smaller portions. You can save on money and waste.

4. No one likes bug and this time of year there are plenty especially when there is food around. Try using natural insect repellents such as natural citronella candles, or essential oils such as cinnamon, castor oil, rose geranium and orange oil. You can find plenty of DIY repellent recipes online.

5. You know going local, organic and as meat free as possible is a great way to lower your carbon foot print. Make sure to do your best to adhere to those rules but also remember having to travel a far distance or spending money on expensive products sort of defeats the purpose so be reasonable with your decisions.

6. As your evening winds down you will be tempted to turn on all sorts of lights and light all kinds of fires. As tempting as fire side snacks seem there are many carcinogens released into the air depending on what you are using to start this fire. Use natural products ie plain old wood from your back yard. The same goes for the charcoal on your grill people, propane is a much more green alternative! Keep solar lights handy. If they are already outside of your house during the day you won’t need to turn on any additional lights. You can save on your energy bill as well.

7. Hand make and save your decorations. If you must purchase decor then go for sturdier options that will last for years instead of ones that might get ruined or not last the day. Making the decorations is a super fun option and activity everyone can share in. You can make it a fun family tradition.

Green Gifts For Dad

Green Father's Day

Green Father's Day



Father’s Day is almost here and I thought some of you might need some assistance in finding great green ideas for dad that aren’t ties. I know my dad always appreciates small things that are creative and from the heart like most parents but there is no reason you can’t go green too.

1. Try fixing something of his that is broken. I am sure your father has something/s lying around that he has been meaning to get fixed. If you can fix it do it. If not find someone who can.

2. Make him a craft out of things your father loves from around the house. I don’t mean to take apart his gadgets or hobbies but if you know there are certain colors, materials, products etc he favors why not make him something he can truly enjoy. Creativity can help you save money and share a moment with dear old dad.

3. Bamboo Wall art at 40% off from Paper Culture. Use ‘BAMBOODAD’ at checkout. Ends June 3rd. Shop today!

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5. Save $15 on SolarGorilla Portable Charger for Netbooks, Laptops and phones.

6. 15% off Everything in the Eco Coffee Shop

7. Spend $5 on GiftsWithHumanity.com for free. No minimum purchase or catch. Just enter the $5 off coupon code at checkout and get $5 on us.

8. Does your Father like wine? Get him a sample pack of Organic Wines for Father’s Day.

9. Do dad’s regular house chores like outdoor work or maybe the garbage.  Even dad’s don’t like doing them and they deserve a day off.

10.  Good ol’ breakfast in bed is always a pleaser.  Make your dad his favorite meal out of green and local products.  Why not bring all of his meals to him for the day.  Get dad his favorite snacks and foods to enjoy on is special day.