Gaia Yoga Mat

Gaia Yoga Mat

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When I was younger and hear about yoga I always knew it would be my kind of workout. My mother was always interested in new age music, books and ideas. Being at peace with ones self and meditating was something she and I both tried to attain. To me that is a lot of what yoga is about. I hope one day to finally be good at it. With all my different attempts at yoga I’ve actually never had a proper mat until recently. Now that I have one I never want another. I have the Gaia Yoga Mat and I love it! Here are the product highlights:

The Gaia Yoga Mat is made from an innovative, environmentally friendly foam – both in composition and in manufacturing. Each mat is free of PVC and phthalates, and no ozone-depleting CFCs are released during the manufacturing process. This newly developed rubber is highly resistant to sweaty hands and feet, making it ideal for hot yoga. It’s also very easy to clean and won’t break down when wet. Incredibly soft and flexible, the Gaia Yoga Mat has tremendous shock absorption making it ideal for Ashtanga jump backs and jump throughs. With its extra cushion and great non-slip surface, this new eco-conscious mat is great for all types of fitness activities, particularly yoga. 72” x 24” x 1/4”

Quick Tips to Make Your Easter Greener!

Easter, if you celebrate it, can be much greener with the help of a few small changes you can still have fun and be responsible at the same time! You can make your Easter happier, healthier, & more active

1. Reuse or purchase recyclable Easter Baskets:

This year, instead of buying a new basket, reuse a basket from a previous year if you have. If you purchase a new basket try to get one that can be recycled either for another holiday or even next years Easter. With a glue gun, stickers and a few other items you can make the basket look new every year. Better yet, make an activity with the children to decorate their basket’s every year. Being green can become a fun holiday tradition! Badger Basket Honey Square Nursery Basket with White Waffle Liner 0093H

Ecoist has released new colorways in the Recycled Newspaper line.

2. Choose Alternatives to Plastic Easter Grass & Eggs:

We all know that plastic comes from petroleum which isn’t good. Besides being messy, its usless for anything other than lining a basket after Easter. Instead, use shredded newspapers or magazines. Also in many stores they sell alternatives to plastic grass made out of cardboard & paper, even cloth liners can be changed and washed over and over. When Easter is over you can recycle these kind of liners, use it for other baskets for gifts. You can even put it into your compost bin. Be creative with the liner maybe use a scarf or t-shirt etc. as part of the gift. Lady Bug Flower Basket Liner
Green T, organic cotton & Fair Trade T-shirts.

Clearly Fun Soap Bath Confetti with Rubber Duck Friend/Blue Ears

3. Make Better Choices for Chocolates and Treats:

You don’t have to give children candy for Easter. You can choose other presents or activities that your children will enjoy just as much as candy. However if you must choose candy, find brands that have the least amount of packaging, organic, locally produced or are Fair Trade. A fun Easter activity would be to make your own candy/snacks such as organic fudge, Easter shaped candies, cookies, cakes, lollipops or chocolates. You can make very creative snacks out of fruits and veggies as well. Any simple online search will give you hundreds of ideas. Teaching your children healthy holiday habits could be very beneficial for their future.
Buy Gourmet Organic Chocolates at Organic Bouquet

Earth’s Best Organic Snackin’ Fruit Hearts Blueberry, 1.4 Ounce Cup (Pack of 12)

4. Use Natural Dyes Instead of Chemical Dyes for Easter Eggs:

Egg Dying kits use alot of packaging and create alot of waste. This year, use organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices that are around your home to dye your Easter Eggs. Not only will the dying process smell much nicer than the usual vineager you add to many dye mixes you can teach your children about good natural properties/uses spices,fruits and vegetables have in your daily lives other than for eating. You can experiment with different house hold fresh foods to see what works best and what doesn’t.
ChildTrek- Toys Camden Rose Brown Egg Set

ChildTrek- Toys, Crayon Rocks

Great Holiday Gifts Under $100

organic towel set

Long-fiber Turkish cotton is used for higher quality towels because of its strength and superior absorbency. The long-loop construction is beautiful textured, absorbent and durable, and also allows for quicker drying. These towels are styled with a solid section of gathered stripes at the edge of each end, for a fresh modern look.



desk clock
Elements of nature unite to create these clean-lined clocks of solid cherry wood, copper and sea-washed stone. Black hands perch on a smooth time-weathered stone, and four copper inlays mark the face. No two exactly alike, just as mother nature intended.


cardboard rhino
Trophy hunting goes guilt-free, green, and animal-friendly when it’s a whimsical Cardboard Safari Robbie Rhino! Robbie Trophy Puzzles are laser-cut for precision fit and easy assembly using slotted construction. They look great in their native brown color or can be decorated with paint, glitter, wrapping paper or other craft materials. The perfect companion for home or office and a great gift for your favorite hunter (or animal lover). Each trophy is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product. All figures are packaged flat for shipping and include detailed instructions. One trophy head per package.

desk set
Eco-friendly desk set. Looks like leather but made of recycled cotton reclaimed from the apparel industry. 7 pieces: journal, note holder, pencil cup, magazine/file holder, mail sorter, business card holder. Comes in a covered box.

October’s Green Business Product Pick is…..


October’s Green Business Product Pick is the ReMARK by <a href=””>ReBinder</a>!!! Now stock your office with green writing implements. ReMark pens contain no petroleum plastic. <a href=””>ReBinder’s</a> ReMark look and feel like plastic but they are made out of plant resins from sustainably harvested wood and organic cotton. Send them back to The Sustainable Group and they will “upcycle” the pens to make new ones!!!! It’s the small things that can make a big difference. It can take time to make a change but starting small is a better start than none at all.

Eco Friendly School Supplies from

This Months top 5 Eco-Friendly Pet Products.

It is just as important while living a greener lifestyle to make sure your pets are just as green as you are. You want their quality of living to improve as yours will. After all it is their Earth too.
Petsmart offers a great variety of Environmentally friendly products and organic foods/treats. The top 5 products this month are:
1. BMB Pet Eco Friendly Dog Leashes (click link to purchase)
BMB Pet Eco Friendly Dog Leashes are made of sustainable materials and organic dyes. These eco-friendly leashes are made from bamboo fabric with cork overlay. The 4 designs are very cute and perfect for any environmentally conscious pet.
2. Zoo Med Eco Reptile Terrarium Carpet (click link to purchase)
For those of you who are reptile lovers this carpet is perfect for any of your cold-blooded friends. Zoo Med Eco Reptile Terrarium Carpet is made from 100% post consumer waste made from recycled plastic bottles. The eco carpet is reusable, washable and cannot be accidentally ingested by your pet.
3. By Nature Organics Chicken Formula Adult Cat Food (click link to purchase)
By Nature Organics Chicken is an all organic adult cat food that was developed to boost immune system health. By Natures cat food is nutritionally complete and fortified with antioxidents, minerals and vitamins to keep your cat healthier longer.
4. PetSmart Reusable Tote Bag (click link to purchase)
You know by now bringing your own bags when shopping is acceptable in any store. Petsmart is no exception. Petsmart has created their own eco-friendly shoppers that have been made from 100% unhbleached cotton. Petsmarts tote is reusable, washable and comes in 3 super cute designs.
5. Pets Gone Green (click link to purchase)
As a pet owner it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to be a greener pet owner. Reading up on improving your pets carbon paw print as well as your own is always important.