Yoga Kids

YogaKids Foundations Trainings, Teacher Certification and Workshops

YogaKids Foundations Training is the original program that revolutionized the way yoga is taught to children.

Yoga Kids is an excellent idea I think! It is important to teach children about exercise at an early age. Yoga is beneficial for many reasons other than staying in shape. It helps with balance, stress, visualization and teaches children skills they can use throughout their whole lives. Generally gym classes aren’t anywhere near enough exercise and recess only takes place in the earlier grades. Integrating Yoga into daily class schedules can help calm down the students during the day.
Yoga Kids is aimed at helping children grow through Yoga. In a country where childhood obesity is at an all time high we should be teaching our children the benefits of yoga and keeping the mine healthy along with the body.
Yoga Kidsoffers training schedules, tools for schools, dvds, games, supplies, teachers, and clothing. Every week YogaKidsoffers a pose of the week and gives detailed instructions on how to do the pose.  I love it! This site is amazingly cute and incredibly essential for all children. Have you heard of YogaKids?  Do you have yoga in your school?

YogaKids Foundations Trainings, Teacher Certification and Workshops

Homeopathic Weight Loss

Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula

Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula

As a part of my New Years resolution I of course said I need to get into better shape. I have started my diet and work out routine but I decided to see if there was anything out there to help give me a jump start. I used
Botanic Choice
for all of my vitamins so I started to look there first. Weight Loss pills make me nervous and I never know what is really in them.
Botanic Choice
listed all of the ingredients and what they were used for. I always appreciate the breakdown of words and ingredients when I am putting something in my body. It gives you a sense of secuirty. I also like how
Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula
 also says best if used in conjunction with exercise and a low calorie diet. No myths about magical pills that will just get rid of the weight for you, you must make an effort.
I have been using them for about a month now and so far in conjunction with my diet they seem to be working. I have lost weight and already fit into at least one pair of pants that were too small for me just a few months ago. I am going to keep on with this routine and hopefully before summer I will be back in better shape for all of the new bathing suits I must have!

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Look and feel your best as you lose unwanted pounds. This safe, effective natural weight loss supplement is made from essential herbs providing your body with energy to help you achieve your goal.


•Betula alba – Common name: white birch. Encourages digestion and has diuretic properties.
•Cimicifuga racemosa – Common name: black cohosh, black snakeroot. Native to New England, this ingredient is frequently used for female hormonal issues.
•Crataegus oxycantha – Common name: hawthorn, white thorn, may thorn. This agent offers diuretic properties. Practitioners of homeopathy use the whole berry dried or crushed.
•Equisetum hyemale – Common name: horsetail, scouring rush. Most closely related to the fern family, equisetum hyemale offers cleansing.
•Rhamnus frangula – Common name: buckthorn, alder buckthorn. The bark is used for its digestive cleansing ability.
•Solidago virgaurea – Common name: goldenrod. Cleanses.
•Adonis vernalis – Common name: pheasants’ eye. Named after the unfortunate Adonis, of Greek mythology, from whose blood this plant sprouted. It promotes digestion.
•Apocynum androsaemifolium – Common name: spreading dogbane, bitter-root. From North America, this active aids digestion.
•Chelidonium majus – Common name: greater celandine, calandine. Found by old buildings and walls or forming hedges, this ingredient was used as a drug in the Middle Ages. Today, herbalists use it for digestive cleansing.
•Lycopodium clavatum – Common name: clubmoss, running pine, veg. sulfur. The part used is the spores of new plants. Has diuretic properties.
•Scilla maritima – Common name: squill. This plant originates from the sands of the Mediterranean. It energizes.

Botanic Choice’s Homeopathic Formula’s
 are made from ultra-high quality, all-natural ingredients that help your body help itself. Each remedy is safe and effective. Product components are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Best when used in conjunction with a reduced calorie and exercise plan.

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Kettle Worx 6 Week Program

KettleWorx 6 Week Body Transformation

KettleWorx Totaly Body Workout

I have been hearing things about Kettle Bell work outs for a while & I admit I wasn’t completely sure what exactly a Kettle Bell was. I knew a kettle bell was a weight but I was unsure what the big deal really was. Then I came across The Kettle Worx program and decided why not try it. An at home workout never seems to have the results for me that I get from working out regularly at a gym or taking classes. Six weeks of my time I was however willing to devote to this program being that you only have to work out 1 hour a week or so it claims.

Week 1: DVD Cardio Level 1: I am aware I am not the most in shape individual that has ever graced this planet but I do work out regularly. After 10 minutes of this video I am almost positive my thighs died and left me for good! Days later my thighs still hurt. I was sweating like an animal and I felt “the burn” immediately. I could barely finish the video. I did finish slowly after the second set because my body physically was shaking! Mind you these are no complaints! I was loving it. Walking was painful for a few days but well worth the pain I hope!

Week 1 DVD 2 Core Level 1: This time the work out seemed much easier. I didn’t sweat as much but I did feel I worked out my body thoroughly. These videos are sneaky because the next day!!!!! I felt every muscle in my core!! It is definitely a good feeling!

Week 1 DVD 3 Resistance Level 1: I did this after dinner last night which was great because it helped me push myself a little bit harder than usual to work off extra calories. The Resistance DVD had many exercises I already recognized from the first 2 DVD’s which I appreciated. I was no where near as tired as the first time I Kettle Bell’d. Make no mistake my body was shaking all over and I used my muscles but the workout seemed easier for me which is exciting. My body feels like it had a good workout but I am in no pain!! I am loving this workout!

Week 1 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 1: I figured a 10 minute quick cardio session I could handle after these first 3 dvd’s. My body wasn’t as ready to quit as the first time but in 10minutes I was feeling it. There was a feeling of accomplishment. Again these workouts are sneaky in that you don’t usually feel the pain immediately after your body stops shaking but the next day and possibly the day after that you are reminded of your efforts.

Week 1 DVD 5 Fast Abs Level 1: This is yet another 10 minute quick work out. By this time I wasn’t feeling anything. I was getting a little cocky about my progress. The next few days didn’t bring any pain either which was exciting. I am hoping that for the rest of this trial it will only get easier and less painful.

Week 2 DVD 1 Cardio Level 2: This time the cardio got easier. I could go through the entire video will less shakiness and sweating. It was more fun and I felt more comfortable with the routine. I still felt worked out and there was still considerable shakiness but the next day and the following days I was good. I can feel muscles I didn’t even know I had. I think I feel the work outs working but I’m not sure.

Week 2 DVD 2 Resistance Level 2: The resistance video the first time around was difficult but I assumed as with the cardio DVD, it would get easier. I was wrong! I sweat just as much as the first time and it just as painful. I wasn’t sure I could even finish the video! My body was shaking and tired. However I did get trough it which was motivating and I felt like I was stronger going through it. The next day I completely felt it in the back of my thighs and my butt!! Also right after I put on a pair of my skinny jeans that I hadn’t been able to wear in a bit and although my waist was still a bit tight the thigh and but area definitely fit differently. It wasn’t a huge difference but its there!

Week 2 DVD 3 Core Level 2: The Core work out seems to be the easiest for me at this point. I didn’t break a sweat but I definitely felt my muscles being toned. I have yet to see a difference in the way my body looks which is a little disappointing but it is only week too. I will admit however I am not on any particular diet which would maximize my progress. I eat healthy enough but I think I would notice more of a difference if I were on a diet.

Week 2 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 2: The 10minute workout videos are the most difficult in terms of sweat and activity. The Fast Fat Burn is the most painful and my body felt like it couldn’t go any further after the first 5 minutes. I was hoping the 10 minute workouts would be the easiest due to the short time but even in week 2 I am completely feeling the burn.

Week 2 DVD 5 Fast Abs Level 2: The 10 minute workout seems to be my favorite. Its quick! How difficult can a 10 minute work out really be? The Ab workouts don’t seem to exhaust me the way the 20 minute workouts do. The ab workouts are to be the easiest for me still but I by no means have toned abs so this does confuse me a bit.

Week 3 DVD 1 Cardio Level 3: The cardio work outs are the most intense. No matter how Kettle savvy I feel I am this is the one work out still makes me feel like a beginner. I have to admit I don’t notice my body really changing or my clothes fitting any different but I am still not dieting sooo I can’t blame the workouts.

Week 3 DVD 2 Resistance Level 3: I think at this point the Resistance workouts are becoming my favorite because they don’t make me feel like I’m going to die but I can feel my muscles working. Its an invigorating feeling even if you don’t actually see results. After the workout and even the next day I feel a little sore but when I stand I can feel muscles in my abs in ways I hadn’t before. That is a feeling I appreciate very much.

Week 3 DVD 3 Core Level 3: The Core work out isn’t my favorite even though I don’t think I’m doing the workouts incorrectly. I don’t sweat or huff & puff. I can feel every exercise and set but again I see no actual results. At this point I am frustrated but at the same time the all of the other work outs are challenging. I am definitely accountable for my lack of diet and I can’t see anything different but I am not giving up.

Week 3 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 3: OMG! This 10 minute session is probably the most difficult to date. The time is tricky because it is a 10 minute exercise which seems easy enough but easy the workout is not. The levels gradually increase in difficulty without you really knowing it. The 10 minute workouts may in fact be the most difficult workouts in the series. Kettle Worx doesn’t miss a beat with these quick ones.

Week 3 DVD 5 Fast Abs Level 3: Again the ab work outs don’t seem too difficult but I can feel muscles I don’t think I have felt in a while. I am starting to notice my posture and it correcting as well. The 10 minute workouts are still more intense than the 20 minute work outs but over all the work outs in general are all intense. I want to say the ab workouts made a difference in my clothing or my over all physical look but I still see no actual results.

Week 4 DVD 1 Cardio Level 4: At this point for some reason either my DVD player or the DVD’s themselves started not really working and I got discouraged. I wasn’t as into my workouts because actually going through with them became difficult because the DVD kept stopping or resetting itself which was incredibly irritating. So this workout wasn’t very successful.

Week 4 DVD 2 Resistance Level 4: This workout proved to be better because the DVD worked which was great for me! The level 4 workout put me in check for my few day’s of discouraging behavior. Again I will mention I wasn’t on a diet of any sort soo most of the discouraged feelings were really my own fault but you like to believe the DVD when it tells you all you need is 1 hour a week worth of workouts. I however believe you need to be on a very good diet and exercise regiment to really see results by this point. However most people that dedicated workout for more than an hour a week.

Week 4 DVD 3 Core Level 4: I am still enjoying the variety of workouts and the routines but the core/ab workouts feel they aren’t quite enough of a workout for me. I don’t see any results although I do feel them. I’m not completely willing to give up but I do wish that I would see the results in my wardrobe at least.

Week 4 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 1: The 10 minute workouts only have 3 levels but they pack a punch! I am grateful that they are so short. On day’s I’m not in the mood or don’t have enough time I think these hardcore little sessions can become quite motivating. My diet however is still not up to par so I am hoping to step up both better eating habits and workout sessions. These videos are great but for someone who drives an hour each way to work then sits at my desk for 10 hours, 20 minutes 3 times a week coupled with a less than perfect diet isn’t enough. Now that the weather is nice I have started walking during my break.

At the end of this 6 week test I haven’t noticed any weight loss nor do my clothes fit better. I didn’t feel it necessary to detail the next 2 weeks because they seemed to all be repetitive. I had good workouts that I felt were doing good but over all no actualy visible changes. This is a definite testament that you need more than 1 hour a week and a diet is a must. Anything else is just lying to you I think. I have mentioned a few times in this test that although I was not on a diet I eat pretty healthy regularly. I do however have an office job that requires me to sit for almost 8 hours a day. I go for walks on my breaks but that isn’t enough. As much as I liked the DVD’s they didn’t do what I had hoped. I like the workouts and I still do them but I have to be 100% about it and implement a diet into this or it will never work.

Gaia Yoga Mat

Gaia Yoga Mat

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When I was younger and hear about yoga I always knew it would be my kind of workout. My mother was always interested in new age music, books and ideas. Being at peace with ones self and meditating was something she and I both tried to attain. To me that is a lot of what yoga is about. I hope one day to finally be good at it. With all my different attempts at yoga I’ve actually never had a proper mat until recently. Now that I have one I never want another. I have the Gaia Yoga Mat and I love it! Here are the product highlights:

The Gaia Yoga Mat is made from an innovative, environmentally friendly foam – both in composition and in manufacturing. Each mat is free of PVC and phthalates, and no ozone-depleting CFCs are released during the manufacturing process. This newly developed rubber is highly resistant to sweaty hands and feet, making it ideal for hot yoga. It’s also very easy to clean and won’t break down when wet. Incredibly soft and flexible, the Gaia Yoga Mat has tremendous shock absorption making it ideal for Ashtanga jump backs and jump throughs. With its extra cushion and great non-slip surface, this new eco-conscious mat is great for all types of fitness activities, particularly yoga. 72” x 24” x 1/4”





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A Place of Your Own: Health & Nutrition

A Place of Our Own

A Place of Our Own

Keeping your children and family healthy isn’t always so easy with all of our busy schedules. Going that extra mile to not serve all healthy meals all the time and keep everyone active isn’t always at the forefront of our schedules but the more our families know about healthy living can help us all make the right choices. If your children learn healthy habits young it is much easier to keep those habits through adult hood. Being healthy and staying healthy is much easier than it used to be. Health is something everyone seems to be interested in so why not cement the healthy living cycle by keeping everyone in the house in the know?

Product Description:
A Place of Our Own: Health and Nutrition DVD’s host Debi Gutierrez holds interesting discussions about health and nutrition with parents, caregivers and child care experts. The topics discussed are exercise, proper eating habits, avoiding obesity, sleep, diabetes, asthma and much more. A PLACE OF OUR OWN also includes 9 exciting activities you can do at home with your children to help them get them interested in health and nutrition. The earlier children learn about nutrition the easier it is for them to make the right choices for healthy living as they get older.

For the love of Zumba

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

Recently I’ve been  hearing about this new type of exercise called Zumba.  I became interested in taking these classes after reading some friends Facebook statuses about how excited they were to be going to ZUMBA that night.   I had to know what this was because quite a few people seemed to be going to this one class.  The consensus was, “At Zumba, you basically just dance for an hour straight.”  A friend explained that Zumba is a mixture of different types of dance.   I was comprised of mainly Latin dance but you will find some Country, hip-hop, classic, African, Broadway mixed with aerobics.
I must admit I was nervous about taking the Zumba class.  Gym classes seem soo intimidating sometimes.  As I walked into Dragonfly Living Arts ( I saw an older woman who was chatting with a friend of mine at the front desk telling her about how Pilates really made her feel stretched out and was urging my friend to take the bellydancing classes.  At this point I was waiting for the ZUMBA enthusiasts to show up and show me how inadequate for ZUMBA I really was.  Fortunately for me some more friends showed up and as we were discussing how to look glamorous while falling on our faces or stepping on someone elses toes.   I began to look at the rest of the classes participants and realized maybe this class wouldn’t be soo intimidating after all.  The ladies that were doing ZUMBA were all ages, shapes and sizes no intimidation and even the ZUMBA instructor made you feel relaxed.  This was certainly going to be an experience!
Once the hour was up I was exhausted but I had a great time! There were no people singeled out or instructions given. A routine was preformed for every song to work out specific sections and keep your heart rate up.  No one was any better than the other and even the instructor missed a few steps.  I was fully worked out and it felt good! Even the next morning I wasn’t in pain or tired.  Over all ZUMBA was a good time and I intend to keep up with my classes and see if I can pick up any good dance moves!!, Inc