Super Summer Beach Craft

Super Summer Beach Craft

Super Summer Beach Craft

Sea Glass
Plaster of Paris
1 1/2 cups plaster of Paris in a quart-size resealable bag
Water (salt water or fresh water)
Any other odds and ends you have around at home that you might want to use to decorate.


1. Comb the beach for super cute treasures for this craft or if you have some beach fun at home that you have been looking for a reason to use bring it with you.

2. Put your hand into damp, hard packed sand. Make sure to leave about a 2 inch clear impression.

3. Put all of the fun beach stuff you found or brought with you inside your print and decorate anyway you like.

4. Add a cup of water to the plaster of Paris in the plastic bag. Knead the mixture until the plaster and water have fully combined.

5. Slowly pour the plaster into your print. Use a chopstick to lead the plaster into the hands and thumbs if the plaster doesn’t flow into them.

6. Once the print is filled and smoothed out, place the chopstick at the bottom of the palm print and let sit to dry. Make sure the chopstick is in the plaster deep enough to be able to hold the plaster once it has dried.

7. The plaster must sit for about 30 mins at least. To remove your print dig out carefully around the hand, than use the chopstick to lift the print carefully out.

8. Wrap up in something soft when transporting back home. You can make multiple prints and put them in vases or to use as summer decorations laid on a table top. You can display them anyway you want.

If you really want to make this craft green teach these little print makers the importance of the beaches and oceans and keeping them clean. Talk to them about erosion and make this an all around project that has meaning and a lesson. Look up the items collected on the Internet to find out what they are and where they came from.

Tread on My Shirt Please!

Tread on My Shirt Please

Tread on My Shirt Please 2







T-shirt (old or new)
Con-Tact paper (cardstock or any heavy paper)
Ecotools FacialSponge or Ecotools Cosmetic Sponges
Eco Kids Natural Plant Dye Eco Paint Set made in the USA
Old Shoes
Liqui-mark Ecolorgy Washables Broadline Markers


1. Create a template from a piece of Con-Tact paper. (Draw your own design or download shapes).

2. Insert a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side of the shirt. Remove the paper backing from the contact paper template (if you are using it) and press it onto the shirt. (you can use cardboard or cardstock as your template too!).

3. Lay a towel or table cloth down under everything in case of a mess.

4. Using Ecotools Cosmetic Sponges , dab Eco Paint onto a clean shoe tread. Practice printing on a piece of paper first to make sure you like the design, then gently press the paint-covered tread onto the shirt, adding more Eco Paint and repeating as needed.

5. You can also add to your shirt by using Liqui-mark Ecolorgy Washables Broadline Markers or by hot gluing odds and ends you have around the house that you didn’t know what to do with. Buttons, broken jewelry, hair clips, anything!

6. Once you are done painting, wash the shoe immediately with soap and water and set somewhere safe to dry. Let the shirt dry completely before peeling off the template, then wash the shirt according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions. It might be best to wash the shirt inside out in cold water for the first few washes to make sure the colors don’t bleed and get on other items just in case.

organic cotton throw pillow