Reclaimed, Upcycled & Recycled Holiday Gift List

I came across some home decor items recently that I love! These reclaimed items make some of the cutest gifts for the holiday season.  These particular ones are all handmade and made in the U.S.A.  Etsy is a wonderful place to find items like this and you are helping support the Handmade Holiday, Shop Small, and Shop Local movements I am sure you have been seeing around.  I hope you enjoy the items I have found as much as I have finding them.  All of these items were found at Maiden Long Island’s Etsy shop. They currently have a coupon code GIFTS14 to receive 20% off of your purchase of $5 or more. Offer valid today through December 7th.



Recycled Glass Pendants

Recycled Glass Sugar Skull Pendants

I love these Recycled Glass Sugar Skull pendants! They are one of a kind and just plain perfect. The pendants have been made from recycled glass and melted at a high heat to form a smooth surface.The skulls on the pendant are flawless beautiful. The designs of the skulls are very intricate. The pendants are $15 a piece




Shabby Chic Vintage Inspired Screen Frame

Shabby Chic Vintage Inspired Screen Frame





How adorable is this reclaimed frame! Once a picture frame this gorgeous shabby chic design frame has been upcycled and turned into a super fab jewelry organizer! Hang earrings, necklaces or even hair accessories on it. You can even use it as a piece of decor and hang it where ever you want. This is a great idea for old or broken frames. Instead of throwing them away make them useful! This frame in particular is only $20. This is a very versatile gift that many people would love.





Reclaimed Vintage Framed Chalkboard

Reclaimed Vintage Framed Chalkboard





It seems that chalkboards are all the rage. I have seen them everywhere and on everything. I would think giving one as a holiday gift would be a wonderful idea. Maybe even as a gag gift for a teacher! Who knows! This particular vintage inspired frame makes for a perfect sized chalkboard to hang in your home for a to-do list or even more important a chore list, daily reminders, even for recipes while cooking. This frame is $25!!




Olaf Painted Vinyl

Olaf Painted Vinyl





Another super popular holiday them is Frozenof course. I know everyone needs, wants and must have. This is a lovely item that is not only very adorable it is also upcycled. This is a hand painted Olaf the snowman on an old vinyl record. This is an exceptional idea. Use it as a wall hanging or find clock parts and BOOM a clock for your home. The artist also takes custom orders so choose anything you want.

RSVP International – Endurance Stemless Wine Glasses

I received these as a gift for the holidays and am sooo in love! Stemless wine glasses are my favorite! In my eyes yo ucan never go wrong with giving party type gifts. RSVP International wine glasses are made of stainless steel making them green and sustainable. You can even recycle them if ever you need. Save 50% on the Eco Friendly Product of the Week at Shop Now!
Product Description: Limit 2 per customer. These wine glasses – minus the stem – are beautiful for serving red or white wine while holding the beverage’s temperature longer than glass or crystal. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish exterior, mirror interior and 18-ounce capacity. Use them not only for wine, but also for juice and frozen drinks. Perfect for use at the poolside, on a boat, camping or on picnics! The glasses have an 18 oz. capacity, keep white wine chilled longer. They can be used not only for wine, but also for juice and frozen drinks. RSVP stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe.
What Makes these Green (from the site)

RSVP International strives to make quality products that are eco-friendly, safe for culinary use and long-lasting.

Why Stainless Steel?
Stainless steel is rust resistant because of its chromium content. Since stainless steel doesn’t rust or corrode like other metals and because the metals in stainless steel (nickel, chromium, molybdenum) don’t leak into your food when heated, dented or scratched, stainless steel products are used and recommended by chefs all around world. Stainless steel is a durable metal that keeps its integrity longer than most other cooking materials so you can keep your cooking utensils longer while adding less to landfills. Although many people don’t know this, stainless steel is 100% recyclable unlike many other cooking materials. In fact, on average 60% of the metal in each stainless steel product is obtained from recycling. It can be melted down and recycled, while other materials usually get put into land fills due to a lack of recycling facilities or an inability to recycle certain materials.They make products that stand the test of time, reusability is essential.
RSVP recycles and composts at their manufacturing facility whenever possible, keeping cardboard boxes and paper out of landfills. They have a large container/crusher that they call Chewboxa. Once Chewboxa is full, it is taken to a local recycling center for processing. RSVP is also conscious of their use of plastic and paper in the packaging of products. They use as little as possible while still sufficiently protecting products from damage.
RSVP analyzes green trends in order to make eco-friendly products of the future, available now. For instance, RSVP has been making their stainless steel one gallon composter since 2000, long before composting was so popular.

Fun Stuff At Wild Dill

Wild Dill is one of my fave green shops for kids! You can get clothes, toys and gifts all in one spot. I appreciate a store that is really dedicated to the green cause instead of just claiming to be. I would also like to add that this is another company with awesome customer service. That is one of the most important things to me when shopping anywhere. Now on to the fun stuff!

Uncle Goose Antics Ant Blocks

Uncle Goose Antics Ant Blocks



Wild Dill Uncle Goose Antics Ant Blocks – Images of ant hills, a queen with her eggs and an enemy spider, Non-toxic, child safe inks, 16 blocks, Made in Michigan.



Yellow Label Kids Organic Bird Rattles

Yellow Label Kids Organic Bird Rattles



Wild Dill Yellow Label Kids Organic Bird Rattles -Set of three rattles: one bird and two owls,Fair Trade, made by groups of artisans spanning the globe from Chile to Nepal,100% organic bamboo yarn.



Roy Toy Earth Friendly Tree House

Roy Toy Earth Friendly Tree House



Wild Dill Roy Toy Earth Friendly Tree House – 71 pieces,Pieces tumbled for a smooth finish,Natural color with no dyes,Building instructions included,Packaged in a cotton bag,Made in USA



Zubels Organic Crinkle and Rattle Giraffe

Zubels Organic Crinkle and Rattle Giraffe



Wild Dill Zubels Organic Crinkle and Rattle Giraffe- Hand knit,Low impact dyes,Arms span 13″ making them perfect for tying onto strollers, cribs and car seats,Fairly made in the Philippines, 100% Organic Cotton Yarn

January 2012 Save Your Green

Save Your Green


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you don’t have the time or confidence to up-cycle a gift for your lovie the least you can do is make your purchase responsible. Show how much you love your hunnie and our environment, kill two birds with one stone if you will (No actual birds should be hurt please and thank you). Here are some awesome deals from some even awesomer eco-fab places.

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Great Green Kids Gifts Under $30

I am sure you have running around like crazy trying to get the newest hottest gifts for the children in your life this holiday. I saw a target commercial last night for a children’s dino-toy that didn’t look like anything crazy that was $42! This may not sound like a lot for 1 toy for 1 kid but when you have to purchase multiple gifts for multiple children besides everyone else you have to get for $42 is way too much! I decided to go on a hunt for cool & fun children’s gifts that are under $30! I think I came up golden. Tell me what you think.



Mudpuppy Constructibles Building Set - Bold Patterns

Mudpuppy Constructibles Building Set - Bold Patterns


Mudpuppy Constructibles Building Set aren’t your normal old blocks! Not only do the colors and patterns make this building set super cool the set is aimed at improving hand/eye coordination which is always a plus for children. They can progress just by playing. I always loved building things as a child. I thought for a while I wanted to be an architect until I found out how horrible in math I was. Guess what greenies? This awesome gift is only $12.99


WorryWoo Monster - Nola

WorryWoo Monster - Nola


WorryWo Monster Nola I really just love this stuffed animal! I cannot get enough of it. Green is one of my very favorite colors obviously soo this little greenie of sorts just pushed a cute button in me! Nola is perfect for cuddling and loving for years to come and only costs $21.99!



Blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers

Blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers


 blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers is a cool new way to play tic tac toe! You can gobble up your opponent! This is a great gift for any child. We all remember playing tic tac toe for hours or when we were bored. It is a great travel game as well. This excellent gift idea is only $19.99.



Blue Orange Spot It

Blue Orange Spot It


Blue Orange Spot It is a super fun think on your feet game where you have to match the symbols together quickly before anyone else! Spot it has 4 different variations to keep you from getting bored and best part is it only costs $14.00!

Blue Orange Tell Tale

Blue Orange Tell Tale


Blue Orange Tell Tale is a super fun game! You can inspire imagination and creativeness all in one simple game. You deal out the cards that range from easy to complex and from competition to cooperation and the receiver of the cards has to tell a story using the illustrated cards! How fun! All for $13.99



Pop Bottle Science - 79 Amazing Experiments & Science Projects

Pop Bottle Science - 79 Amazing Experiments & Science Projects


Pop Bottle Science– 79 Amazing Experiments & Science Projects This may be for the nerd in your life but whatever this thing is way cool! Pop Bottle Science has 79 different projects right there! Ranging from weather to geology to the body and tons more! How cool is that? To top it off this magic science lab is only $15.00

Great Green Gifts for Her

The holidays are right around the corner and in case you are wondering what she wants here is a small list of awesomeness that I know I want and I am sure she will love too!!
Remember if you must purchase please do so as greenly as possible! I know it is difficult and some people you know and love my still be boycotting the green scene but try to change their minds!

Kaia House Gift Guide I have recently stumbled upon Kaia House and their gift guide has gifts for everyone at excellent prices! Kaia House bath and body gifts look soo delish I cannot wait to try them for myself so I know she will love them too!!

Save up to 40% off on Last Minute Gift Sets forHer. Find exactly what you need at Juara.  I have written about a few of  Jaura’s amazing products like their Coffee Body Scrub which is totes to die for! Juara offers an amazing selection of  Vegetarian skin and body care products that smell and feel sooo good! Perfect for any lady that likes pampering!

Pure Citizen or LovingEco are two of my fave places to shop and play! If you have seen all of the VIP sites like Beyond the Rack, Gilt or even Shoe Dazzle which sell fur, leather and other animal bits & pieces where you know the merchandise is less than ethical LovingEco & Pure Citizen are much better options! She can choose from cosmetics, accessories, clothes and even make donations if she chooses!! Get her a gift certificate from LovingEco and she will have regular access to soo many amazing ethical/green brands!

Fun gifts for her from Ecoist I know you are probably convinced that I work for Ecoist but I do not! I just love their accessories! If she isn’t in to purses look at their accessories or creative home decor ideas! I promise she won’t be disappointed if you get her a gift from here! Shoot even a gift certificate might just be the ticket!

FREE UPS GROUND Shipping From 12/8 Thru 12/19 On Any Order Now At! Click Here! Have you ever slept on organic cotton sheets? If not you needs to ASAP. They are the smoothest, comfiest, classiest sheets I have ever dreamed on! I promise you she will love them too! Easy to clean, great to sleep on and clearly excellent for the environment!

Pure Citizen

Gifts With Humanity

Gifts With Humanity




I am not sure if you have ever heard of Gifts With Humanity but I personally shop here whenever I can especially if it is for a gift for someone. I feel like spreading the word about this Gifts With Humanity is important. Many people won’t know and possibly won’t care but it is important that your money goes to the proper places. Gifts With Humanity is an excellent way to spend your dollars and support good causes globally! Gifts With Humanity supports artisans from the Americas, Asia and Africa. The holidays are here and if you have to purchase a gift won’t you feel better about the seasons of giving and being thankful if your money goes to people who are giving us great crafts and even more thankful for the support.

This year give gifts that give a more. Our gifts are 100% fair trade, recycled and you get 10% of your entire order with coupon code XMAS. Valis until Dec 24th 2009.

About: Gifts With Humanity is the retail division of Global Fair Trade Crafts Inc DBA Global Crafts.
Global Crafts was founded in 2002 by Kevin Ward and Renice Jones, who met as volunteer computing teachers in Kenya realized the capacity of the web to help individual artisans. After three years in Kenya they came to the USA and setup Global Crafts, initially as a small Fair Trade retail store. It soon became apparent that to sell in volume and change the lives of the artisans, the wholesale business would have to grow.
Starting in a garage at home Global Crafts has become a $1 million a year outlet for Fair Trade artisan handicrafts. We look forward to continued growth in the next few years and hope we are making a small difference.

Gifts With Humanity

Valentine’s Day is around the corner



 Your one-stop green shopping destination for Valentines day!!  A great color combo for the winter season, make every day a black and white affair! Made using Fair Trade Onyx and Freshwater Pearl clusters, these earrings feature a dangling onyx heart at the bottom of each earring framed by a cluster of luscious round onyx beads and natural oblong pearls.

Earrings are approximately 3.5” long
Fair Trade gemstones

Eco-Friendly Because:

Made with vintage brass new “old stock” chains and ear wires *

Uses Fair Trade gemstones from reliable sources

*New “old stock” is the term used for vintage components that were made for the jewelry industry years ago and where not used. These were stored away for decades and never circulated for manufacturing.

The Ultimate Green Store

Valentine’s Chocolates


  Indulge in green living at Organic Style


These amazing cordials it have hand-picked, berries that inspired the creation of these fruit-filled yummies. The 12-piece box contains molded chocolates made. Organic Bouquets Master Oregon Chocolatire fills each chocolate with a berry preserve wrapped in a thin layer of berry-flavored sugar.  

12-piece box features
*4 Strawberry
*4 Red Raspberry
*4 Marionberry (a local cross between black and raspberry)
*68% single origin dark chocolate from Madagascar
*Fresh Oregon berries
*No dairy used
Shipped with care, this product is deemed sustainable based on one or more of the following practices:

•use of materials that are environmentally friendly
•manufactured and transported responsibly
•produced using organic farming practices
•a portion of the sale proceeds are donated
*Caution: during the hot summer months our chocolates are shipped overnight however we can not guarantee against melting in transit.

Heart Warming Wintery Eco-Elegant Flowers & Gifts

Great Green Gifts for Under $50

martini glass
Fire & Light hand-poured glass tableware is made from recycled glass in California. Not microwave safe. Comes in 8 beautiful colors.




glass vase

The red recycled glass vases are back! This time, in a slightly more oval shape.





home fragrance

Ilio’s essential oils add a little luxury to your everyday life. Fragrance spreads through natural reeds and lasts 4 – 6 Months.  Lavender Ocean is a fresh mix of lavender and eucalyptus and is finished with the soft notes of lilac blossoms.



glass earings

Recycled bottle glass, cut and fired. Light-weight and durable, finished with sterling silver accents and ear wire. Approximate size .75 inch diameter. Please note that each piece is a hand-crafted one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly in shape and size. Patent pending.  Color shown: antique clear from a Coke bottle.