We have all sorts of green cleaning products to use and this is just one more. Now you can make your cleaning just that much more green when you use an Eco-Mop made completely from recycled materials. Eco-Mop heads are less expensive than non-recycled mops.
Over the weekend I was trying to find a new mop and couldn’t find anything remotely eco-friendly at my local stores. The one thing I did notice however was that mops and mop heads aren’t cheap. I understand they are reusable and should last a decent amount of time but some were almost $20 for a mop head! Now you can step up your green cleaning with a safe and savvy Eco-Mop.

Product Description:
Four-ply mop head with engineered fibers made entirely from recycled material. Absorbs more than four times its weight in water. Looped ends reduce unraveling, fraying and lint. Head Type: Wet Mop; Application: Floors; Mop Head Style: Looped End; Mop Head Size: Medium. - Green products. Great prices.

Pal Dog Organic Travel Set

Pal Dog Organic Gift Set

Pal Dog Organic Gift Set

Your One Stop Shop for Organic Pet Products!

Do you know anyone who has just gotten a do? Are you like me a pet nut who buys people and her own pets prezzies all of the time? Well then here is an inexpensive super adorable Pal Dog Gift Setthat any dog owner would appreciate. The Pal Dog Set uses organic ingredients in the shampoo, conditioner and freshen up spray! You can take the Pal Dog Set with you and your pup if you go to the beach or camping or even use the items as samples to test if you like the products for your own pup.

Product Info:

Set Contents:

(1) Calming Lavender Shampoo – 2 oz.
(1) Conditioner & Cream Rinse – 2 oz.
(1) Daily Formula Freshen-Up Spray – 2 oz.
(1) Convenient On-The-Go Soap – easy clean-up anywhere
(1) Natural wheat-free cookie treat


Calming Lavender Shampoo
Plant-based cleansers (DEA/SLS/Paraben-free), organic aloe vera, extracts of organic calendula, chamomile, marshmallow, sweet almond, oat, white tea, lavender oil and pro-vitamin B5.

Lavender & Aloe Conditioner
Organic aloe vera, jojoba and sunflower seed oil, extracts of organic calendula, chamomile, sweet almond, oat, white tea, lavender, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, pro-vitamin B5, milk and plant-based proteins.Paraben-free (Not for use on cats due to stimulating essential oils).

Daily Formula Freshen-Up Spray
Deionized water, organic aloe vera, hydrolyzed oat and rice, extracts of organic calendula, chamomile, marshmallow, sweet almond, oat, white tea, lavender and rosemary essential oils and pro-vitamin B5. Paraben-free (Not for use on cats, due to stimulating essential oils).

The Wonder Ball

The Wonder Ball

The Wonder Ball

So I have found something kind of really interesting! I have 4 pets yup, you read right 4 and laundry is something we have to do often. We use all the normal green products which still consist of detergent and reusable dryer sheets. The Wonder Ballgets rid of your need for detergent. You can still use it or pre-treat any stains but The Wonder Ball makes detergent no longer a necessity! The Wonder Balluses magnets to remove stains. Then when the magnets start to stop working the manufacturer will “recharge” your Wonder Ball for free!!


We’ve discovered a whole new clean that reduces soaps and petrochemicals from the Earth’s water supply and helps alleviate allergies and skin irritations. Simply add the detergent-free Wonder Ball to laundry (pre-treat any stains) and a small amount of detergent (or none), and a proprietary blend of minerals and magnetics within the ball lowers the water’s surface tension, making it “wetter” so it can clean fabric fibers more deeply. Washing laundry with the Wonder Ball only and no laundry soap also eliminates the detergent residue that aggravates allergies and irritates skin. Imported.


Works in hard or soft water
Use with top- or front-loading washing machines.
Can use to hand wash delicates.
Lasts about two years or 2,000 washes.
Do not use in the dryer.
Manufacturer will recharge Wonder Ball for a fee; information included with the packaging.

Real Goods Solar, Inc.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit

Your one-stop green shopping destination for home,office and everyone in the family!

The Method line of non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products now have offer a Method Detox Your Home Cleaning Kit. The kit features Pink Grapefruit all-surface cleaner and wet wipes made from sustainable bamboo, Go Naked dish soap infused with moisturizing vitamin E and aloe, Go Naked hand wash, for high-maintenance surfaces the kit includes mint-scented, ammonia-free glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to replace all those wasted paper towels.Tote Bag is not included. Method does not test its products on animals.