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Donation Parties

Little Shelter Rescue



I went to a friends house last weekend who was having a sort of party extravaganza and all that she required was that each attendee bring something for a local shelter called Little Shelter that she rescued her dogs from. She invited her other friends who did Avon, Scentsy, 31 gifts, passion parties, and someone who made amazing cake truffles. She made a ton of food and had drinks galore lol (the best way to get tons of donates is to get and keep everyone tipsy). The event was a hit and there was plenty to donate. It made me think how can I get this to spread to other areas and get people do to this regularly.
Rescues need all of the help they can get and no one wants to see happy healthy animals put down. It is a horrible process that even has me tearing up just writing about it. After seeing the success of this party I think everyone should do it for any event you have. Go to a dollar store if you have to to purchase supplies. You can ask for rescue donations at birthday parties, weddings (I have seen it on Tori & Deans wedding show), holiday parties, or even do what my friend did and invite other hostesses who sell their own merchandise to bring in a larger crowd.
Animal rescuing is something so near and dear to my heart. My first rescue Skye was in such a horrible state when I adopted her and 10 years and 3 additional rescues later she is healthy happy and in the most loving home ever. She is the sweetest dog even after what she had to suffer for the first year 1/2 of her life. Every dog deserves that chance.
If you throw a donation party post pictures on our Facebook page and comment under this post which shelter the donations went to after you have donated and I will send you something awesomely green!

Get started with the Animal rescue today1

Buy A Candle Save A Pet

Buy A Candle Save A pet

Buy A Candle Save A Pet

When: Wednesday August 24 at 3:00pm – September 5 at 9:00am

Location: On line

More Info: Hi Fellow Friends & Animal Lovers:

This is something that is VERY NEAR AND DEAR to my heart!!

I’m working w/ Gold Canyon Candles to raise money for Lost Our Home Pet Foundation who is a resource for real estate professionals and other members of the community who discover an abandoned pet, and to provide options for pet owners faced with difficult economic circumstances while promoting the spaying and neutering of pets. These animals are left with no food, water and no way to remove themselves from a backyard.

The wonderful thing about this organization is they help people keep their beloved pets by distributing food to families who cannot afford it, temporary house them until a family can get back on their feet and help animals that are left behind and find them a forever home. Lost Our Home Pet Foundation will get 40 % of total profit. The great thing about candles is they smell wonderful, make great gifts and at the same time you can help an animal that is victim to foreclosure. Below are the list of scents and prices.

Here are the various scents: 26oz. ($25.00), 16oz. ($22.00), 8 oz. ($18.00)
Apple Spice (Fruity,delicious)
Autumn Walk ( Air/musky)
Cozy Christmas( Spicy, cozy)
Cranberry/Orange ( Fresh, tart, fruity)
Cinnamon Vanilla (Rich, sweet, spicy)
Clean Sheets( Crisp,Breezy, clean)
Days Of Christmas( Fruity, festive)
Holiday Wreath( Crisp, Clean, piney)
Mulled Cider ( Tart, warm)
Pomegranate (Sweet, Light, fruity)
Pumpkin Pie (Creamy, spicy,rich)
Sugar Cookie ( Warm, Buttery)
Sweet Pea ( Light, Floral, Fruity)
Warm Welcome ( Sweet, Luscious, Rich)
Moroccan Amber Vanilla (Spicy,Sultry,Earthy)

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. Please email me with your orders. Should you want to order something else from the website, that is not on the scent list, please feel free to do so by emailing me as well. Here is the link to see everything available. http://www8.mygc.com/Default.aspx?alias=www8.mygc.com%2FCharlindaBurns
Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. All orders go in September 5th .

Get started with the Animal rescue today1

Electronic Dropoff Recycling Event



Do you ever know what to do with old or broken electronics? It seems like such a waste to throw them away after spending so much money on them. With upgrades and new versions coming out of your favorite electronic necessities its difficult to keep up and you may have old systems just lying around. If you have old or broken items I suggest you donate them for recycling.  TNT RECYCLING is having an event for the Make A Wish Foundation where $1 will be donated for every complete computer system that is donated. This is an amazing cause you can help the children and our environment at the same time! Get on it and get your computers to them NOW!

About the Event:
Don’t throw your old or broken computers/ electronics away,bring all your electronics to the event for recycling. We will be accepting all computers,computer accessories, printers, fax machines,wire connections, cell phones, radios, vcr’s, dvd players, cordless house phones, etc… If it has a circuit board it can be recycled. NO TV’S. Hard Dive destruction will be provided on site upon request. There will be a $5 fee for all CRT monitors. LCD monitors will be accepted free of charge. $1 will be donated to the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION for every COMPLETE computer system that is brought to the event! Help us spread the word for a great cause! invite your friends! Any questions? email us: toby@tntreco.com

Date & Time: Saturday, June 11 · 9:00am – 2:00pm

Bethel Assembly of God – Littlestown, PA
1125 frederick pike
Littlestown, PA

reduce the problem.support the solution

Ecology and Socialism, a Nationwide Tour with Author Chris Williams

Ecology and Socialism

Ecology and Socialism

Thursday, October 14 · 7:00pm – 8:30pm

City College of NY, NAC Bldg Rm 1/211
137th St. and Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY

More Info Around the world, consciousness of the threat to our environment is growing. The majority of solutions on offer, from using efficient light bulbs to biking to work, focus on individual lifestyle changes, yet the scale of the crisis requires far deeper adjustments.

Ecology and Socialism argues that time still remains to save humanity and the planet, but only by building social movements for environmental justice that can demand qu…alitative changes in our economy, workplaces, and infrastructure.

About the Author:
Chris Williams is a longtime environmental activist, based in New York City. He is professor of physics and chemistry at Pace University, and chair of the science department at Packer Collegiate Institute. Williams is also a frequent contributor to the International Socialist Review. Ecology and Socialism is Williams’ first book.

Praise for Ecology and Socialism:
“This book is more than essential reading—it is a powerful weapon in the fight to saveour planet.”
—Ian Angus, editor of

“Finally, a book that bridges the best of the scholarly and activist literature’s in socialist ecology! Sophisticated and compelling,
eschewing academic jargons ‘postmodern’ and otherwise, Ecology and Socialism more than competently champions a Marxist approach to environmental crisis and the kind of economic democracy needed to achieve an ecologically friendly system of production and human development.”
—Paul Burkett, author of
Marxism and Ecological Economics

“Ecology and Socialism is not merely about what’s wrong in the world where fossil fuels rule our lives. It also presents a blueprint for change…a cogent and accessible look at one of today’s pressing social issues through the viewpoint of socialist activists and thinkers.”
—Ron Jacobs for Dissident Voice

If you can’t make the event pick up the book here!
Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis

Solar Garden Lights at Night

Soji Modern Solar Lantern

Now that it is summer it’s party time!! If you have a back yard, deck, porch or balcony it’s finally the perfect weather for a get together. When the sun begins to set these are the perfect lanterns for any event! The Soji Modern Solar Lanterncollects energy during the day and comes to life at nigth. The simple design makes them elegant for every party.

Product Description:
Introducing the Soji Modern solar lantern! Modern design meets sustainable solar for the ultimate in elegant outdoor lighting. Created in a layered wave-like form, Soji Modern lanterns are unique, portable, efficient and will never require stringing of unsightly electrical wires. Creating the effect of a solar powered chandelier, the Soji Modern lantern will turn itself on at dusk to cast a stunning golden glow night after night.
All lanterns are constructed of a hard plastic and are equipped with two high powered Amber LED lights, solar panel, AAA rechargeable battery and stainless steel hardware. Soji Modern lantern comes fully assembled.
Available in Pure White and Mineral Motif (white with grey floral pattern).