Green Fair L.A. In collaboration and partnership with LACCD and LATTC

Green Fair L.A.

Green Fair L.A.

Saturday, July 30 · 9:30am – 6:00pm
300 West 22nd Street, Los Angeles,CA 90015
Created By
Alain Aubard
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Located in the heart of Los Angeles, surrounded by plenty of parking and easy access to the facilities, Green Fair LA has a lot to offer to greater your knowledge in the Green, Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Organic way of life.

Come join in the festivities where there will be 200 plus vendors showcasing their products and services.

A food court will provide service and you will be able to eat on terrace enjoying, live music and entertainment.

On stage, speakers and commentator involve in the green development will present their work and share with you how to improve our tomorrow. An Eco-conscious fashion show will present their new line of clothing made with recycled product or organic material.

On site an area will be dedicated for our children. All activities in contributions to a greener, cleaner and better future!


A Billion Acts of Green

A Billion Acts of Green

A Billion Acts of Green


As I was looking for interesting information for Earth Day 2011 I “stumbled upon” A Billion Acts of Green. I am supremely excited about this not to mention I absolutely love their logo. The world community is trying to register a billion acts of green before the Earth Summit in Rio in 2012. The Billion Acts of Green’s website makes it easy for you to register your green event or find local events to participate in, you can even donate directly to the cause. ABAG is the largest environmental service campaign in the world! So far they are up to 45 million acts but I think we can help make it more! All you have to do is register your event to help add to the reduction of carbon emissions and be apart of the billion! This is also a perfectly reasonable excuse to host tons of green events to get this number bumping! Tell your friends and family about it so they can be apart of the cause.
To participate click here and register your event today:

Going Green Today

Ecolissa Charity Fashion Show at Dru-Mais Salon

Dress For Success

Dress For Success


Sunday, March 27 · 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Dru-Mais Hair Salon
31 Springhill Ave
Marlborough, MA

Created By:
Ecolissa, Eventbrite

More Info Order tickets via Eventbrite:



…Please join us for a wonderful afternoon that includes a fashion show and raffle to raise money for Dress For Success Worcester! This is a free event. Take a tour of the brand new Dru-Mais Salon and enjoy some light appetizers and drinks!

***We will be accepting monetary donations and clothing donations for Dress For Success Worcester. They accept gently used business attire, shoes, handbags and jewelry. Remember that all clothes must be clean and on hangers, and ready to wear to an interview.***

All clothes should be:

Clean, ready-to-wear, preferably on hangers
Something that you would wear to a professional job interview
Contemporary (ideally less than 5 years old) and in excellent condition
In season

What they need:
Business suits: pants & skirts
Dress shirts & blouses
Pants & skirts
Handbags & purses
Dress shoes
Jewelry & scarves

Please note that they do not need overcoats, dresses, linen items, sandals, open toed shoes or sweaters at this time.

Dru-Mais Hair Salon
31 Springhill Ave
Marlborough, MA 01752

Raffle Prizes

Gift certificates for
Gift certificates for Dru-Mais Salon
and many more!

If you are interested in donating a gift certificate or helping to sponsor this event please contact:

Melissa Dion

eco based comfort and style

The Green Bride Guide

The Green Bride Guide

The Green Bride Guide

I found The Green Bride Guide: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budgetyesterday and fell in love! This is one trend that I wish would catch on in a bigger way. I have been to many weddings and I have yet to attend one where people have the environment in mind. I always envision my wedding as being as green as possible 1. because I think it would be fun to try to get as greenly-creative as I could but 2. because I think it is the perfect way to introduce people how awesome/easy green can be.

Product Description:

Your Wedding: Beautiful and Sustainable. Just Like Your Marriage

The Green Bride Guidehas everything eco-conscious couples need to make their event more sustainable. Green wedding veteran and environmentalist Kate L. Harrison offers hundreds of eco-friendly choices in one handy reference.

Emphasizing elegance and individual taste, The Green Bride Guide: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget covers all aspects of the big day and beyond.

Bridal party attire
The ceremony
The reception
The honeymoon

Whether you want to include just a few green elements in your decor or have a carbon-neutral wedding with local organic food and a peace silk dress, you’ll find the resources you need to pull it off with panache. And you can plan a gorgeous green event on any budget – Kate offers options in every price category.

Paired with a website and complete with vendor worksheets, The Green Bride Guide is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in planning an elegant, exciting, eco-friendly wedding.

recylced gifts

Green Thanksgiving

Green Thanksgiving

Green Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here and I know you might be wondering how you can make your holiday meal as green as possible so I have been doing my research! After reading many green articles these are the points I have seen the most:

1. Go Vegetarian! The clearest way to go green is to not buy a turkey and just have a complete vegetarian meal. Meat eating has a serious effect on our environment. However I feel most people either don’t believe how bad it is or would say our 1 turkey won’t make a difference so I have an alternative. Find a turkey as locally as possible. Even ones you can kill yourself. I think this may have enough of an impact on your family to not want to eat any animals again. If that option is also not available go as organic, hormone free and free range as possible. Convincing people to go green isn’t always as quick a process as we would like so try to compromise without ruining the fun of the holiday.

2. Go Organic!Buy all of your foods and ingredients organically. Most local grocery stores carry organic brands. Don’t be fooled by all natural that isn’t regulated by the government so any company can safely say all natural and technically mean it.

3. Go Packageless! Find items with as little packaging as possible. Usually if you are buying fresh fruits and vegetables no packing is necessary just pick the items out of the bins. If packaging is a must try to find items that are packaged in reusable ways so after Thanksgiving you can use the packaging to give out left overs or store other food.

4. Go Potluck!: At any event it is only good manners to never go any where empty handed. Take advantage of this for large holidays. Ask each guest to bring 1 item and let you know ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. The host can save on money, no one will be stuck with massive amounts of left overs and if you also ask your guests to bring their own tupperware they can take home any left overs they want!

5. Go Reusable!Since this is a huge meal and you want it to look nice don’t use paper utensils. Go all out! Use the good stuff. I know washing dishes is a pain but again if people bring their own items and bring something to carry left overs in that cuts the amount of dishes you will use down considerably. This will also help you save water. You won’t be able to avoid doing dishes at all but if you set up an assembly line of a washer, dryer and then someone to put the dishes away it won’t be so much of a chore.

6. Use less energy!You will be cooking in the kitchen which will keep some of the house warm. There will also be many people in one area so instead of putting the heat on full blast use small decorative sand bags around windows and doors to keep the heat in. If it is too hot no need for the a/c just open a few windows around the house! It is winter after all so take advantage of the natural air conditioning.

7. Decorate Creatively! Reuse old decorations from last year. No need to buy new ones. When shopping for decorations make sure you look for ones you know will withstand the test of time. Also look online for decorations you can make out of house hold items or even ones you can incorporate into the dinner.

8. Stay Local!Participate in the 100-Mile Thanksgiving challenge from Treehugger. If you haven’t heard of it yet click here. It is very important to keep all of your meals as local as possible. This is a great way to keep local economies afloat as well as creating much less waste and pollution.

9. Give Back!The reason for Thanksgiving is to give thanks sooooo, in doing so maybe make it a new family tradition to plant something in honor of the day. Plant Trees as a Gift.

10. Get Carbon Credits!If you cannot get out of staying local for your holiday event then you can purchase a carbon credit to make up for it. A carbon credit is a generic term for any tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e).

11. Donate Your Fat! Many companies now use animal fats and oils to turn into bio fuel. This is a way businesses can save money. Check out your local businesses and see where you can make a donation.

12. Stay Green! Use the tips and ideas from this holiday and carry them over to every holiday or event you attend. The more often you incorporate greenness into your lifestyle the quicker it becomes second nature. You can also encourage others in your circle to do the same!

If you have any other tips or ideas let us know! We would love to hear them all!! Send in your pictures or tips and we will post them on the Beagle!

EcoloBlue Life & Energy




Happy World Water Week!
Sept 6-10th is World Water Week.

Multi-Pure will donate a portion of profits on every sale of a drinking water system purchased to Water for People.
Also, If you purchase a filter from www.GoGreenWaterFilter, every filter will be on SALE, PLUS you will get to pick a **FREE** gift.
(Emergency Filter great for traveling OR De-Chlorinating Shower Filter)

Water For People helps people in developing countries improve quality of life by supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education programs.

Multi-Pure Corporation was “green” long before it was fashionable to be so! For 40 years Multi-Pure has manufactured drinking water systems that help provide solutions to environmental problems such as plastic water bottles, harmful contaminants, and the careless waste of precious resources. We’re proud of the “green” products we manufacture, using materials that are biodegradable and come from renewable resources.

1 Multi-Pure water filter cartridge = 12,000 8oz plastic water bottles!
What happens when you throw away your old, used cartridge? The used cartridge is actually GOOD for the landfills! It continues to absorb even more chemical pollutants in the ground.

Shop at

Poker for Paws!

Come join them for a Poker and BlackJack Tournament

Together we can save the lives of innocent foreclosure victims and give them a new chance at life!

Enjoy playing poker or know someone who does? Looking for something fun to do this Sunday (June 27) evening? Then check out Poker for Paws Tournament in Tempe, across from The Improv, from 5-9pm. The evening will be sponsored by ABC Bartending & Casino School and all monies received will benefit Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.

It’s free to walk in the door and be a spectator, but those interested in playing poker or blackjack with Lady Luck need to register and pay a $40 admission fee to secure their seat at the table.

Prizes will be given to the top 3 winners and on-line registration makes registration a breeze. Whether you play or not, be sure to bring plenty of cash, as refreshments and food will be sold and raffle prizes will be drawn throughout the night; and we all know with raffles, the more you buy, the better your chance of winning!

Special Raffle Prize of an Autographed Baseball by Don Newcomb of the LA Dodgers and Football Suveneir autographed by Tod Heq – former ASU football player along with many other great prizes.

725 South Rural Road, Suite #210,Tempe, AZ 85251 (Across from The Improv)

Contact Stacy Katz for questions – 602-524-8169

Simply Green Parties!!!

Simply Green Parties

Danny Seo’s brand is a way of living that embraces certain rules–-Be Authentic, Be Resourceful, Be Simple, Be Unexpected, Be Truthful, and Be an Individual. In Simply Green Parties, Danny takes these goals and creates projects that are both thoughtful and sustainable while still being stylish and beautiful. He hopes to inspire you to be a dreamer and a doer.

The book has essentially 50 quick and simple projects that are split up into themes (Dinner Under the Stars, Baby Shower, Saturday Dinner Party, Housewarming, Beach Party, and Birthday Party). The reader does not need to do all the projects under each party, they can mix–and–match or just choose to do one or two of them.

Danny Seo is America’s leading environmental lifestyle expert and host and creator of Simply Green with Danny Seo, a new show on LIME TV with a companion weekly show on Sirius Satellite Radio. The author of four books, he is also the columnist and the Environmental Lifestyle editor with Country Home magazine.

160 pages, approx. 8″ x 6″ x 1″

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Food For Thought: Living the Locavore Life



January 20: Living the Locavore Life

WHAT: Urban Harvest continues its Food For Thought series, a new, thought provoking cycle of panel discussions on today’s hot topics that support growing and eating locally. The panels are lead by local and regional experts, and are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month.

The third panel discussion will be January 20: Living the Locavore Life. The term “locavore” was coined by Jessica Prentice to describe and promote the practice of eating a diet consisting of food harvested from within an area most commonly bound by a 100-mile radius. Come explore creative ideas for growing your own food, sourcing fresh local food and promoting the development of local food systems. Our expert panel will include Nell Wheeler, community farmer with Vegetable Matters who will discuss her personal experiences with urban homesteading and growing much of her own food; Teresa Byrne-Dodge, publisher/editor of My Table ~ Houston’s Dining Magazine specializing in celebrating local food endeavors; Executive Chef John Sheely of Mockingbird Bistro Wine Bar; community farmer Joe Icet, the inspiration behind the urban farm Last Organic Outpost; and Randy Evans, Executive Chef of Haven and an Urban Harvest certified organic specialist.

This panel session will be emceed by Texas Agrilife Extension Service WaterSmart Program Coordinator Chris LaChance and moderated by Urban Harvest Executive Director Mark Bowen.

Urban Harvest inspires and empowers people of diverse backgrounds to grow healthy foods, in the process enriching the city we call home. With three hard-working programs at its core – Community Gardens, Education and Urban Harvest Farmers Market – Urban Harvest
supports a network of gardens, farms and orchards in the greater Houston area. Food For Thought is the perfect complement to further Urban Harvest’s core mission.

WHEN: 7 to 8:45 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month

FORMAT: 7-7: 15 pm social ▪ 7:15-8:15 pm moderated panel discussion ▪ 8:15-8:45 pm Q&A

WHERE: Multipurpose Room of the Oberholtzer Residence Hall. 108 Oberholtzer Hall, University of Houston, Central Campus. For directions see link at

COST: Free, and open to the public

FUTURE DATES: February 17 ~ Tools of the Trade

ABOUT URBAN HARVEST: Urban Harvest promotes healthy communities, sound nutrition and respect for the environment by educating children and adults and facilitating harvest and habitat gardens.

The Urban Harvest Farmers Market helps educate the public about the benefits of eating local produce in season and provides the local agricultural community with a direct outlet for their products. For more information, visit

SPONSORS: University of Houston, TX AgriLife Extension Service , Grizaffi Coffee, Fischer Schalles Associates, Katy Bomar Creative, Patterson Murphy Public Relations

For more information and directions visit:

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Holiday Donation Event!


Help out your local community! The Green Beagle will be accepting donations to give to local charities and animal shelters for the holidays!! Any little bit helps! It doesn’t take much! If you would like to join us in hosting or donating please contact us.

There will be a variety of gifts for your holiday needs!!! Some gifts cash & carry. Bring donations for pets or people & receive get 10% off your Avon order!!
Stop by, bring a friend and visit us on Sunday December 6th from 3pm-7pm. There will be yummy refreshments served.
Avalon Pines Club House
1 Avalon Pines Drive Coram
NY 11727
Phone: (631-579-2599)
Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

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