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Pumpkins Gone Batty

Pumpkins Gone Batty

Pumpkins Gone Batty


Eco Green Acrylic Paint Black
Mini pumpkins (you could also try gourds for fun to make vampires, witches, spiders) from a local farm if you haven’t grown your own.
Black and white craft foam
Wings,ears & eyes template (just google it)
Hole punch
Hot Glue



1. Paint the pumpkins.
2. Sprinkle your bat with glitter (if you want)
3. Allow the pumpkin to dry completely. You can paint them any color you want. No one says bats can’t be green or pink right?
4. For each bat, choose a type of wings and eyes from your templates you like best.
5. Trace and cut out eyes from the white craft foam. Use the hole punch to make pupils.
6. Use the glue gun to stick the eyes to the pumpkin.
7. Cut the ears and wings from the black craft foam.
8. Attach the ears using a thin strip of hot glue.
9. Attach the wings using another thin strip of hot glue.
10. Let all attached pieces set. If the wings and ears look floppy you can use toothpicks (colored black) to stick to the backs to make sure the wings and ears hold their shape.

You can also wait until the end to sprinkle glitter on your entire finished pumpkin and spray it with adhesive. It is up to you. You can add pipe cleaners and make your creation zany! Use your imagination that is the most important part.

Let’s talk some trash


Another simple way to modify your green activity is your garbage. Garbage may be the last thing you want to think about but a simple change in your buying behavior can make a large difference in our environment. Try Gallon Dispenser Tall Kitchen Bag With Handles, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 4) (click to purchase) these small steps can make all the difference with one tiny change. These green garbage bags aren’t expensive so why not give them a chance especially when they are biodegradable & made from recycled plastic. Even the boxes the green garbage bags come in are made from recycled plastic board. Such a small thing makes a world of difference.

Organic Promotional Products!

Logo Shirts, Embroidered Golf Shirts, Imprinted Shirts, Logo Promotions

Ok businesses, this is your chance to show everyone how committed to saving the environment you really are. As per usual finding organic promotional products   that aren’t a homemade concoction or blandly crunchy is no longer your only option! Yes it’s Organic  has done their homework to ensure that you are getting the greenest of promotional products available. No more having to search endlessly to find all the items you need, not to mention a database full of the any vendors/products could you need. Yes it’s Organic   has plenty of options to fit any type of business needs for promotional tools. It doesn’t matter if you already have a green business or are trying to be greener, this is an excellent way to start! Think of how your customers/vendors will appreciate your willingness to go that extra mile for our environment.
The holidays are coming up too and what better to give people than the gift of a greener healthier earth! This is great not only for business but for individuals as well. Are you in a community group or have a large family? Get everyone involved in being greener! You can show your community, friends and family how innovative you are by giving them green gifts.

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