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Shabby Chic Wine Bottle

Shabby Chic Wine Bottle



I never like to get rid of glass bottles and jars at home because I know they could be used for something else. Last night I was going through and organizing all of my crafting supplies and thought why not decorate some of them for funzies. I have been looking to do more crafting and send some gifts out anyway so this is a great way to reuse things I have around the house. This is also an excellent way to make a dent in my glass collection sitting in my basement. I used some ribbon, buttons, paper flowers and hot glue to attach everything and I think it looks pretty cute! If you don’t have a craft collection at home or don’t stock pile odds and ends like i do you want to decorate your own below are some links to where I got some of the stuff you see on my bottle:

Old broken or unused jewelry and hair accessories
Rags that are clean
Wrapping Paper or paper you have at home
Paper Flower Assortment
Old Pins and Brooches
Bottle Caps
Die cuts

The possibilities are endless! This is a great party craft for kids or scouting. You can even go natural and get leaves, twigs rocks, sea shells, sand anything! The Shabby Chic bottles make for great gifts or even something new to spruce up your house!

Spring Bamboo Clock

Spring Bamboo Clock

Spring Bamboo Clock

Oh how I swoon over the Spring Bamboo Clock! The Bamboo Clock  is spectacularly beautious! I would like to say that is is a little pricey but to be honest it is hand made in the USA, made from bamboo and is under $100. Comparing that to many other eco-living sites that really isn’t bad. The Spring Bamboo Clock literally made me jump for joy when I came across it. I am positive I must have the Bamboo Spring Clock like yesterday! I am pretty sure you know someone who needs it too! It is back to school season after all, maybe a new college student or teacher needs a little gift before the school year gets into full swing? Keeping summery things around helps ease the pain of the realization that summer is coming to a close shortly. That makes everyone a little sad.

About the Spring Bamboo Clock:

This clock emanates the feeling of Spring time and was inspired by Japanese paper cutting art. All images have to be connected in order to allow the laser cutting technique used to cut out the image as a single piece.
Hand made in the USA
The white part is ivory acrylic and it is backed by eco-friendly bamboo to bring out its elegant and intricate design. Clock hands are in chocolate brown. Clock requires one AA battery to operate.
Materials: Bamboo, Acrylic, Clock parts
Made per order, please allow 1-2 weeks to leave the studio.

organic apparel

Upcycled Boombox

Upcycled Boombox

Upcycled Boombox

Once again the holiday’s are here! It is time to shop responsibly and make the most out of our green commerce! Here is an inexpensive but super creative gift for anyone who enjoys music, audio books or even movies. College students would get a kick out of this upcycled boombox! Right now The Ultimate Green Store is offering 10% OFF entire order at The Ultimate Green Store with code: GREENLIVING!

Product Description:

TerraCycle has joined forces with Merkury Innovations to create these “upcycled” eco-speakers. Upcycling takes unused rolls of wrapping material that would otherwise go to waste, and turns it into a variety of useful, eco-friendly products. These boombox speakers are universally compatible and battery-free!

With excellent sound quality and a 3.5mm universal plug for you can play music from your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, or computer without the use of batteries. This boombox is packed and shipped flat to reduce pollution. Assembly is required.

Product Features:

Made from upcycled candy wrappers, creating a new use for unrecyclable waste
3.5mm universal plug to connect with music devices like iPods, iPods MP3 players, laptops and more
Rated impedance: 1 W
Max power input: 2W
Resonant Frequency: 400±20% Hz
Dimensions: 11.82″ x 1.18″ x 9.84″

TerraCycle Description:

Help reduce landfill wastes in a fun way! Each year, billions of used drink pouches, chip bags and candy wrappers fill dumpsters and landfills across the United States and are unable to be recycled. TerraCycle is an industrial waste management company that has launched a campaign to collect these used juice pouches and remake them into new products – a process called ‘upcycling.’

As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle converts the used drink pouches into stylish backpacks, lunchboxes, tote bags, pencil cases, and other items for kids and adults. In addition, $0.02 is donated to charity for every drink pouch collected through TerraCycle’s Drink Pouch Brigade.

The Ultimate Green Store