The Green Office

It may not be a Staples or Office Max but your one stop green office supply shop is right here! The Green Officeis so serious about being green they even amended their articles of incorporation to included sustainable practices. That is definitely some serious green business! I always say it that it is our duty as respectable greenies to patronize green businesses and if  The Green Officeis willing to offer us this great opportunity to make our offices even greener we should take advantage. You can purchase supplies, paper, ink & toner, break room amenities, furniture and janitorial supplies all in one place. Also $50 free shipping! I hope to see The Green Officebe a contender to the likes of Staples and Office Max that offer some green alternatives to stay in the loop but have no where near the green assortment that The Green Office offers. - Green products. Great prices. – Green Products, Great Prices! Story:
We were established in 2005 by founder and CEO Alex Szabo, a former sustainability consultant and educator who had experienced first-hand the need for a single source of environmentally and socially responsible office products and services. Mr. Szabo’s vision was of a workplace run exclusively on green products and driven by sustainable practice. Every day, we empower consumers to align values with action by providing easy and affordable access to office greeing essentials. In every sphere of operation we strive to model sustainable business by maximizing the social, ecological, and financial performance of our company – what is known as the triple-bottom-line.

A History of Firsts:
Our goal is to challenge industry and workplaces alike to do it greener. In our relatively short history we have taken leadership positions on a variety of workplace sustainability matters, including:

•The first company to offer a full selection of dark green, green, and conventional products under one virtual roof
•The first company to label and rank a 34,000+ product catalog by greenness
•The first one-stop-solution to remove all items containing PVC / vinyl
•The first company to develop a comprehensive Office Footprint Calculator™
•A member of the first cohort of certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Businesses
•One of the first (if not the first) California corporation to amend its articles of incorporation to include sustainability principles
•A Founding member of B Corporation - Green products. Great prices.

Toner Green

TonerGreen - Eco Friendly Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

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If you are fortunate enough to work in a place where your co-workers and bosses appreciate your attempts at eco-efficiency TonerGreen LLC  is a company worth looking into. Toners are a very expensive part of office expenses so why not try to decrease the costs by purchasing remanufactured toners. TonerGreen LLC alone has helped redirect more than 300 tons of waste from landfills.
TonerGreen LLCcarries the major printer, copier and fax machine brands of toner & ink cartridges to purchase your remanufactured toners while offering a rebate discount system to return your empty cartridges to them. TonerGreen LLCeven offers eco-friendly ink brands to do your printing! Your purchases come with 2 year warranties if you are disatisfied with their products.

A little more info about TonerGreen LLC (from their website):

Company Snapshot
TonerGreen LLCaims to be the internet leader in providing environmentally responsible recycling solutions.  TonerGreen LLCwas founded in April 2009 under the name Propelled by the founders’ vision to provide a variety of value-added eco-friendly products under one location, the internet store TonerGreen LLCwas created. Since its inception, has been envisioned to be a major source of specialty products that contribute to energy conservation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

Presently, TonerGreen’sprimary product line includes U.S.-made premium remanufactured toner cartridges and remanufactured inkjet cartridges. We take pride in the superior performance of our products compared to the average compatible or remanufactured cartridges found on the internet. Our products are not just ordinary recycled toner or recycled cartridges. Recycling is but just a small part of the extensive remanufacturing process that our product undergoes at our in-house facility. Quality is strictly imposed every step of the remanufacturing process until our products are either picked up by customers or shipped to their address.

Core Values
Value-added products and services.
TonerGreen LLCintends to help you make eco friendly choices for your home or office with the confidence that you are making a smart and responsible decision: a) Cost reduction opportunities – our goal is to sell the best products at fair prices, b) Waste elimination opportunities – return your used ink and toner cartridges for recycling credit, c) Reliability and compliance – our ink and toner cartridges are built without violating technical and trademark patents from registered owners. We are proud to say that our remanufactured cartridges are Made in the US. We have in-house technical experts to assist you in obtaining optimum output from your remanufactured ink and toner cartridge.

Relentless commitment to quality
We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction over low-cost and cutbacks. At TonerGreen LLC, excellence dictates every movement in our organization – from our streamlined logistics and distribution processes for efficient fulfillment, to world-class online and offline customer service. We delight in happy, satisfied, and loyal clients. Moreover, we stand by our products – we provide a 2 year warranty on all our remanufactured ink and toner cartridges.

Social responsibility
TonerGreen LLCgives back to the planet by supporting non-profit organizations that are dedicated to eco-friendly causes. When you buy your ink and toners from TonerGreen LLC, 1% of your purchase is donated to EarthShare, an organization dedicated to connecting people to environmental nonprofits through workplace giving, volunteer opportunities, and environmental education.

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2011 Coil Bound Plantable Eco Calendar

Plantable Coil Bound-Calendar

Plantable Coil Bound-Calendar

I am in love with plantable products. Seed paper just makes me excited. The act of being able to make something out of a product you usually would throw out just excites me beyond the usual ideas of reusing or recycling products we purchase. I hate throwing anything away especially if it can go to an alternative use. The 2011 eco-calendar from EcoHip is an excellent way to brighten up your home or office. The decorative floral pages remind you of how amazing the eco-calendar can be once it is planted and you can actually see your calendar come alive. When the year is finished you can plant the eco-calendar near or in your yard or balcony to brighten up your area. This could be an incredible school project or community project if enough people purchase an eco-calendar. I hope to see in the future more plantable products that we take for granted and give up at the end of their “life-cycle”.

Product Description:

The 2011 eco calendarfeatures 12 fresh-from-the press designs printed double-sided on 6 sheets of plantable seed paper. These fabulous floral motifs will help you brighten your desk year-round. Each page measures 5″ x 5″. 100% recyclable and 100% post consumer waste!

To plant the paper:

◦Prepare a pot of soil or small patch of garden
◦Place plantable paper on top and cover with a thin layer of soil
◦Water well and give plenty of sunshine
◦Keep moist during germination
◦Enjoy the flowers that grow from plantable, seeded favors, invitations and paper
As the plants grow right out of the paper, look for flowers like Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Poppy, Catchfly and Snap Dragon.

The Rainfortest Site

Holiday Office Gifts

During the holiday seasons there are a few different holiday’s people celebrate and at work you might need to do a Secret Santa of sorts so here are some inexpensive gifts to give to your co-workers or even friends!

Agate Ornaments
Agate Ornaments
are beautiful and perfect to decorate anyone’s home! They don’t have to be hung on a tree or even hung at all! These shimmering ornaments catch and hold the light as if illuminated from within.

Tea Forte’sMixology Set is a beautiful and inexpensive gift anyone who loves to host events or someone who likes to be the bartender! Become a master mixologist at home and create naturally infused exotic cocktails. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s creative and entertaining!

Juice Beauty Organics to Travel Kit is another inexpensive gift that anyone could appreciate! This all organic travel set comes with all of the essentials anyone would need to just throw in their bag and be off!

Sushi Natural Beeswax Candles boxed set of 6These super cute beeswax candles are a great little gift for a guy or girl, especially if they are fans of sushi!

Christmas @ LUSH

Eco-Friendly Office Chair

Eco-Friendly Office Chair

Eco-Friendly Office Chair

I don’t know how many of you sit in an office all day but I know I do and I always wonder what other choices of seating we could have that might be better than what we are currently sitting on. I know the cushy faux leather or cloth monstrosities always look uber comfy but maybe we could do better than that. After all after a short amount of time these chairs get worn and thrown out to go where? In a landfill? I wonder how long it would take to break down considering they are mostly metal and man-made materials? Where do these large clunky chairs go when they are old and worn?
To answer my queries I found a sort of solution! HON – 7800 Series High-Back Executive Chair is made from 36% recycled content.  HON also makes a simpler less comfy looking chair that is 64% recycled content! Now that you know maybe you could talk your boss into purchasing alternatives now!

Product Description:
*Scientific Certification System’s Sustainable Choice. 36% Total Recycled Content
*Wave-formed seat cushion distributes weight across a broader surface area.
*Lumbar support applies consistent, gentle pressure to the lower back, encouraging a proper curve.
*Upholstery contains stain-resistant protection to maintain a clean appearance.
*Casters supplied with this chair are not suitable for all floor types.

October’s Green Business Pick

Wooden Stapler

Wooden Stapler

I found this while looking for some random craft stuff and I couldn’t resisit posting this! This wooden stapler isn’t any great big new idea but it is cute! I like how simple the stapler is and better yet how you can decorate it any way you choose! You can leave it plain or make it your own! When you are finished with it you can totally recycle it! What this stapler doesn’t have is FSC certification or even tell you what kind of wood it is. If the product had a little more description I would say it would be a necessity to every greenie however until I find where it’s made and what it is made from I will have to keep searching for a more eco friendly product. If you have seen any please let me know! I would love to write about it!

Ecoist Office Set


I am pretty sure I write about Ecoist.comon a regular basis but I can’t help it! They come out with new products all the time. I am having a difficult time keep my collection up to date!! Not only are they currently running an amazing contest where you could win a $500 shopping spree but they have now come designed an eco-friendly office set that I know I must have! Check it out for yourself!

 This 3 piece set includes 1 pen holder, 1 business card holder and 1 clip holder. Made from recycled Newspaper coated with a natural water-resistant laminate. Handmade by Brazilian Fair Trade Co-Op, tidy your desk and the environment.

May’s Green Business Pick!

Recycled Index Tab Dividers(case of 10 ReTabs)
ReTab recycled index tab dividers make a green addition to any of ReBindersrecycled 3 ring binders. Unlike “flimsy” paper counterparts, ReTabs are made of rigid brown chipboard which allows for easy page turning. Available in 5 Tab or 8 Tab styles. Write directly on the tabs or use one of ReBindersbrown kraft laser labels. ReTab recycled index tab dividers are sold in cases of 10 sets. Enhance the look of your ReTab with ReBinders printable labels! It’s simple, just use ReBinders printing templates to build a design, print it on the labels, and then affix the labels to any product.

Eco Friendly Office Supplies from

April’s Green Business Pick



Information about RePouch Slash Pocket
ReBinder RePouch Slash Pocket Folder is an excellent way to make your presentation or proposal stand out. The RePouch is a single expandable pocket that can hold several documents or even a magazine! Avoid using a plastic CD Jewel Case in your presentation! Rebinder includes a die cut slot for a CD sleeve and a slot for your business card. Don’t forget that ReBinder has labels that you can use on the RePouch or even have the presentation pouch custom printed! Show your boss or the presentation party that you care about your presentation!


•Made from 100% Recycled, FSC Certified Chipboard (85% Post-Consumer Recycled / 15% Post-Industrial Recycled)

•18 point unbleached, natural brown kraft bending chip board folder

•Single Slash Pocket Folder that has been three hole punched

•CD Sleeve

•Die Cut Business Card Slot on inside left pocket of the folder

•Conveniently Packaged in cases of 25 Slash Pocket Folders

•Also available without three hole punched holes

•Holds an estimated 30 sheets of 20lb paper

•Dimensions: 9.25″ x 11.25″

Eco Friendly Office Supplies from

March’s Save Your Green

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