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It may not be a Staples or Office Max but your one stop green office supply shop is right here! The Green Officeis so serious about being green they even amended their articles of incorporation to included sustainable practices. That is definitely some serious green business! I always say it that it is our duty as respectable greenies to patronize green businesses and if  The Green Officeis willing to offer us this great opportunity to make our offices even greener we should take advantage. You can purchase supplies, paper, ink & toner, break room amenities, furniture and janitorial supplies all in one place. Also $50 free shipping! I hope to see The Green Officebe a contender to the likes of Staples and Office Max that offer some green alternatives to stay in the loop but have no where near the green assortment that The Green Office offers. - Green products. Great prices. – Green Products, Great Prices! Story:
We were established in 2005 by founder and CEO Alex Szabo, a former sustainability consultant and educator who had experienced first-hand the need for a single source of environmentally and socially responsible office products and services. Mr. Szabo’s vision was of a workplace run exclusively on green products and driven by sustainable practice. Every day, we empower consumers to align values with action by providing easy and affordable access to office greeing essentials. In every sphere of operation we strive to model sustainable business by maximizing the social, ecological, and financial performance of our company – what is known as the triple-bottom-line.

A History of Firsts:
Our goal is to challenge industry and workplaces alike to do it greener. In our relatively short history we have taken leadership positions on a variety of workplace sustainability matters, including:

•The first company to offer a full selection of dark green, green, and conventional products under one virtual roof
•The first company to label and rank a 34,000+ product catalog by greenness
•The first one-stop-solution to remove all items containing PVC / vinyl
•The first company to develop a comprehensive Office Footprint Calculator™
•A member of the first cohort of certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Businesses
•One of the first (if not the first) California corporation to amend its articles of incorporation to include sustainability principles
•A Founding member of B Corporation - Green products. Great prices.

April’s Green Business Pick



Information about RePouch Slash Pocket
ReBinder RePouch Slash Pocket Folder is an excellent way to make your presentation or proposal stand out. The RePouch is a single expandable pocket that can hold several documents or even a magazine! Avoid using a plastic CD Jewel Case in your presentation! Rebinder includes a die cut slot for a CD sleeve and a slot for your business card. Don’t forget that ReBinder has labels that you can use on the RePouch or even have the presentation pouch custom printed! Show your boss or the presentation party that you care about your presentation!


•Made from 100% Recycled, FSC Certified Chipboard (85% Post-Consumer Recycled / 15% Post-Industrial Recycled)

•18 point unbleached, natural brown kraft bending chip board folder

•Single Slash Pocket Folder that has been three hole punched

•CD Sleeve

•Die Cut Business Card Slot on inside left pocket of the folder

•Conveniently Packaged in cases of 25 Slash Pocket Folders

•Also available without three hole punched holes

•Holds an estimated 30 sheets of 20lb paper

•Dimensions: 9.25″ x 11.25″

Eco Friendly Office Supplies from



Binder and Folder Labels

Rebinder’s Brown Kraft and Textured Kraft Binder and Folder Labels offer a great way to customize our ReBinders and RePockets. With a total thickness of 8 mils, and the coloring and consistency of a brown paper grocery bag (the textured kraft labels are just a little lighter,) these permanent adhesive labels are designed to work in either laser or inkjet printers. Cut and paste graphics using one of our online templates and print.

Labels are sold by the sheet.

4″ x 1 1/3″ Labels are 14 labels per sheet
4″ x 5″ Labels are 4 labels per sheet
2″x 3.5″ Labels are 10 labels per sheet
2.5″ x 1.75″ Oval Labels are 15 labels per sheet
1″ x 8″ Labels are 10 labels per sheet
2″ x 8″ Labels are 5 labels per sheet
7 1/4″ x 1/2″ Labels are 16 labels per sheet



Eco Friendly Office Supplies from

The ReBinder’s Sample Pack

ReBinder Sample Pack

ReBinder Sample Pack

Making your office greener may seem difficult to begin but with ReBinder Sample Pack! you can make your office a greener and more environmentally conscious place to work. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere. It takes time to change your life but with steps so easily available it only makes sense to jump at the chance! The ReBinder Sample Pack! gives you the perfect starter kit that each employee can use to begin their green office arsenal.

Product Description:

RePocket: Our two pocket folder is ideal for presentations, media and press kits or back to school. RePockets are thicker and more rigid than traditional folders. Made from 100% Recycled 20 point FSC Certified bending chipboard.

1″ ReBinder!The original 3 Ring Binder with a removable and recyclable cover. Made from rigid recycled corrugated cardboard, our 1 inch ReBinder! is the binder choice for every day use around the office, as well as a by top architects, graphic designers and creative agencies. Your presentation and image will stand out from the rest when you present in a RePouch — (IN THE 1″ BINDER): When your proposal requires an additional pocket, CD and or business card, RePouch fulfills all those requirements. Made from 20 point recycled bending chipboard, it holds up to continuous page turning.

ReTab — (5 TAB Dividers): Divide your documents with our rigid brown ReTabs. ReTabs are made from rigid 18 point FSC Certified bending chipboard in a five-cut tab configuration. We also carry an eight-tab version (not included in the sample pack).

1.5″ ReBinder! Rougher and tougher, our 1.5″ ReBinder! is made from 100 point solid FSC Certified recycled chipboard and contains our unique removable ring metal assembly. Just because it’s not made of plastic, doesn’t mean that it’s not durable!

ReSleeve: A Recycled CD jewel case…making plastic cases a thing of the past. ReSleeves are made from 16 point rigid FSC Certified bending chipboard to protect your CD/DVD . The perfect off the shelf solution for the software company, the music label, the band or the board room. Show off the artwork on your CD through the open hole in the front…or choose the version with no hole.

RePlay: Ideal for one disc or two, RePlay comes with two open pockets that fit a single disc and a small booklet or two discs. Looks like a traditional jewel case but made from 18 point recycled FSC Certified bending chipboard. You’ll want to replace all your broken plastic jewel cases with a RePlay.

ReBadge: Trade shows, Conferences, and Seminars all produce a lot of waste. Green up your event with a ReBadge. Your attendees won’t believe that their badge is made from plants and not from plastic! We hope you’ll reuse your ReBadge multiple times, but if you can’t — compost it! Comes with a sample our 100% recycled perforated brown cardstock.

ReWrite mini — LINED: We’ve created the perfect sized 5″ x 8″recycled notebook for taking notes, sketching or doodling. Our ReWrite mini comes with 40 pages of 100% Recycled / FSC Certified paper and a recycled FSC Certified bending chipboard cover. You’ll get a sample of our most popular college ruled (lined) version but our ReWrite are available in case quantities in ruled, blank or quad ruled graph paper.

ReBound: Make your presentation a game winner — go for the ReBound. Document Finishing supplies have been limited to plastic and non recycled paper options. ReBound’s clear cover looks, feels and performs like plastic but it’s made from plants! ReBound can be used with any comb or coil binding system and comes with a clear PLA cover and a 20 point recycled FSC Certified chipboard back. It’s the perfect solution for proposals or LEED proposals.

*ReBinder! Chipboard/Bending Chip: 100% Recycled / Minimum of 85% Post Consumer Recycled Fibers, FSC Certified and fully recyclable end of life.

* ReBinder! Corrugated Cardboard: 70% Recycled (at least 40% Post Consumer Recycled) and fully recyclable end of life.

* ReBinder! PLA (Poly Lactic Acid): Clear sheet made from plants, not from plastic. Certified Compostable by ASTM D6400 Standards.