Pal Dog Organic Travel Set

Pal Dog Organic Gift Set

Pal Dog Organic Gift Set

Your One Stop Shop for Organic Pet Products!

Do you know anyone who has just gotten a do? Are you like me a pet nut who buys people and her own pets prezzies all of the time? Well then here is an inexpensive super adorable Pal Dog Gift Setthat any dog owner would appreciate. The Pal Dog Set uses organic ingredients in the shampoo, conditioner and freshen up spray! You can take the Pal Dog Set with you and your pup if you go to the beach or camping or even use the items as samples to test if you like the products for your own pup.

Product Info:

Set Contents:

(1) Calming Lavender Shampoo – 2 oz.
(1) Conditioner & Cream Rinse – 2 oz.
(1) Daily Formula Freshen-Up Spray – 2 oz.
(1) Convenient On-The-Go Soap – easy clean-up anywhere
(1) Natural wheat-free cookie treat


Calming Lavender Shampoo
Plant-based cleansers (DEA/SLS/Paraben-free), organic aloe vera, extracts of organic calendula, chamomile, marshmallow, sweet almond, oat, white tea, lavender oil and pro-vitamin B5.

Lavender & Aloe Conditioner
Organic aloe vera, jojoba and sunflower seed oil, extracts of organic calendula, chamomile, sweet almond, oat, white tea, lavender, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, pro-vitamin B5, milk and plant-based proteins.Paraben-free (Not for use on cats due to stimulating essential oils).

Daily Formula Freshen-Up Spray
Deionized water, organic aloe vera, hydrolyzed oat and rice, extracts of organic calendula, chamomile, marshmallow, sweet almond, oat, white tea, lavender and rosemary essential oils and pro-vitamin B5. Paraben-free (Not for use on cats, due to stimulating essential oils).

Smart Cat Scratching Ramp

SmartCat Scratching Ramp

SmartCat Scratching Ramp

Recently we rescued the cutest little kitten ever! When we found her her little leg was broken but after some time and many a vet visit she is good as new. Now that she is fixed she is a high-speed scratching torpedo! My curtains, our furniture, nothing is safe! Our older cat may claw the carpets a bit but nothing major. This mini Freddy Kruger has us looking like we just came out of The New Nightmare! It was time this tiny terror got herself a scratching post! So here it is SmartCat Scratching Ramp. This scratching ramp uses cardboard inserts so when kitty is finished you can just recycle the inside!

Production Decsription:

The Inclined to Scratch angled cardboard scratching ramp has stable non-slip ends to hold firm against any surface without adhesives. The tear-away cover allows for maximum scratching area, and replaceable cardboard inserts make it reusable and even more economical. Ramp is 21.5″ tall x 7.5″ wide.

Kitty Training Tips:

•Place the scratching ramp in a room where the cat spends a lot of time. Cats often like to stretch and scratch when they wake up from a nap.
•To introduce the scratching ramp to your cat try using catnip as a lure. (For most cats a lure is unnecessary, but fun.) Rub catnip onto the sisal material and call the cat over to the scratching ramp.
•Scratch your nails along the surface of the material. This will attract the cat and at the same time teach him where to scratch.
•After your cat begins to scratch, praise him and give him a food treat. (Small kittens can be trained to climb the scratching ramp by showing them food treats and placing it at the top of the scratching ramp.
•If your cat has already been scratching a piece of furniture, place the scratching ramp directly in front of it.
•Temporarily cover the previously scratched areas with a few strips of double-sided carpet tape or clear double-sided tape strips that are designed for this purpose. This will help redirect your cat’s scratching activities to the scratching ramp.

Eco-Friendly Halloween Pet Costumes

Eco-Friendly Pet Costumes

Eco-Friendly Pet Costumes

I was on the hunt for eco-friendly Halloween Pet costumes and I didn’t realize that it is next to impossible to find but as the greenie I am I did find/come up with some decent alternatives!

Green Halloween

This blog has dates for costume swaps in your area. You can start one in your neighborhood! Go to your local pet store, dog park or even neighbors and see if people would be interested in swapping their old dog costumes. You can even go to local schools or community centers. Fall is a great time for fairs see if they would be interested in hosting a swap! It’s a great way to get local pet owners to meet each other and even illustrate the importance of keeping their pets green!


If you have old clothes or fabric laying around why not make the costume you have always wanted for your pet? You can download patterns off the internet or just wing it. This can also be a group or community event. Ask people to bring old cloth, broken jewelry, pins odds and ends and everyone can swap and use what everyone brought! You can make this a tradition and collect donations year round. Another added bonus is asking people to bring donations for local shelters. Shelters always need old blankets, towels, toys and food for pets. Get your community involved and maybe you can make an impact on the retail world that is seriously lacking in this aspect of the market.

Parrot Pinata Large Birdie Bouquet

Parrot Pinata Large Birdie Bouquet

Parrot Pinata Large Birdie Bouquet



Hundreds of Pet Products Under $10 during the PetSmart Treat Your Pet Sale!

Once again I wanted to venture away from the usual dog and cat pet posts and find something just as cool for the sometimes over looked pets. Here is one of the most fun things I have seen for a pet in a while! I don’t have any birds as pets but if I did I think this Parrot Pinata is the cutest ever!! This pinata is made from palm leaves and other renewable resources! The bright colors and different shapes are supposed to keep your pet occupied while decorating their living space! I mean really who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful boquet!


Decembers Top 5 Eco-Pet Picks

Purrrrr-fect holiday gifts for your pets!!!

1. Gorgeous and Green Dog Chew Toy

  • RECYCLED: Created from environmentally friendly fabric made up of 85%
  • re-engineered recycled IntelliLoft™ fibers that diverts unnecessary
  • waste from going to the landfill and takes eight time less energy to
  • produce than virgin fibres.
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles.
    HANDMADE:Proudly made in Bozeman, Montana. Handmade in the USA!
  • 2. Get Free Standard Shipping on Symbolic Animal Adoptions from!. If you have an animal you know how important a good home for one is!! Support pet adoption!! Help an animal find a home for the holiday season!! I have adopted all my pets and I can tell you its an indescribable feeling when they become a part of your family!!!

    3. $5.99 Flat Rate Shipping on Orders of $60 or more & purchase a reusable Pet Smart Shopping BagWould you like to help save a homeless pet and the planet at the same time? PetSmart Charities is offering reusable bags for $1.99, while supplies last. For every reusable bag sold, 100% of the purchase price will benefit PetSmart Charities.

    4. Natural Pet ECOS Pet Laundry Detergent, 20-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)
    *Ultra-concentrated, color safe, all-temperature, fragrance-free detergent, with neutral pH, specially formulated for pet laundry items
    * Tough on dirt yet gentle on pets, ECOSPet Liquid Laundry is residue-free and safe to use in standard and HE washers, and with septic and greywater systems
    * Phosphate-free, chlorine-free, enzyme-free, dye-free, and free of petroleum ingredients
    * Pack of 8, 20 oz bottles of liquid laundry detergent cleans 10 to 20 loads (total 160 oz = 80 to 160 loads)
    * Pack of 6, 20 oz. Biodegradeable Bottles

    5. Recycled Bicycle Tube Dog Collar by Cycle Dog

  • Handmade in Portland, Oregon using recycled bike inner tubes that do not fray like traditional webbing construction. The neon green collar includes reflective 3M laminate that provides night time luminance.
  • Collar includes a quick release plastic buckle and a heavy duty nickel plated ring that resists rust
  • Reclaimed bicycle tubes are soft and provide comfort for human hands and dog necks
  • Bicycle inner tubes are quick drying and stink resistant for dogs that hike, walk, or play in water
  • 3 adjustable sizes: small (6 to 12 inches, 5/8 inch wide), medium (12 to 22 inches, 1 inch wide), and large (17 to 27 inches, 1 inch wide)
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    Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Invitations

    Novembers Top 5 Eco-Pet Picks!!

    I know you have all been waiting for the next installment of my ECO-PET picks and here they are!!!

    1. Wysong Vegan FoodA natural meatless vegetarian dog and cat food designed to be used with an alternative fresh meat source, or in conjunction with other Wysong meat based diets such as Archetype™ and the Au Jus™ canned diets. Wysong Dog Foodwas developed by a veterinarian who wanted to create food that would help prevent the health problems that dogs develop with age and provide help with pet health in the long term.

    2. BioBag Dog Waste BagThese bags by BioBag, are made primarily from cornstarch are 100% biodegradable and compostable leaving no harmful residues behind. The bags biodegrade naturally when exposed to the elements and micro-organisms in the soil. BioBag uses no polyethylene in its production process and uses only GMO-free certified corn in the creation of its bags. BioBag is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

    3. Cloudburst Pet Jacketsare made with 100% recycled polyester fabric. This jacket is recyclable again after providing comfort and protection for your dog. Make your dog be more eco-conscious in this jacket that utilizes no “new” petroleum in its fabric! The reflective flares on the back of the jacket provide additional safety on those dark evening walks.

    4. English Retread’s Cat Collars are one hundred percent vegan, English Retreads’ materials are an ecologically sound alternative to animal products. This collar is a unique model for your small pet and is available with rhinestones to offer a little eco-bling! Decorate your pet in eco-friendly fun!! These small collars are made to work for your cat or small dog. Why not buy them for both!

    5. Honey Dog Pet ID TagDid you know that every third bite of food we eat depends on bees for pollination? That’s why the mysterious disappearance of honey bees known as Colony Collapse Disorder is a critical environmental issue that must be understood and reversed. This cute lightweight enamel and stainless steel tag looks great on any of your pets. One name and one phone number can be engraved on the back of the tag at no additional cost. Best of all, 5% of the profits from this product go to organizations that are working to save the Honey Bee.

    Save $10 off any purchase of $75 or more from NWF - expires 12/15

    Octobers Top 5 Eco-Friendly Pet Products..

      Octobers Top 5 Eco-Friendly Pet Products are….1. Eco Pet Solutions Inc. Potty Park’s™ Antimicrobial/Antibacterial polyethylene build materials ensure a clean and safe product for you, your dog and your entire household.. Potty Park™ is resistant to odors, bacteria, moisture absorption, fungi, and mold. You remove the tray and flush the contents.

      2. Happytails Spa Joint Resolution is a great relief to your dog that is having joint issues. A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacological & Therapeutics stated Collagen “reduced pain & lameness in arthritic dogs. It improved their overall activity.” Collagen is the most abundant protein to be found in joint cartilage.  It helps build new cartilage & reduce further damage to the joints. This patented, all natural ingredient is extremely absorb-able so more of the formula gets to the site of the problem.

      3. Our Green House Organic Cat Nip Flowers are made with friendly fabric that utilize 85% recycled IntelliLoft™ fibers and contain our USDA certified Organic Catnip. These flowers were created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, IntelliLoft™ is safe, re-engineered fibers that divert unnecessary waste from going to your landfill and take six times less energy than producing fabric from virgin fibers

      4. Gorgeous and Green’s Zisc is a new take on flying discs…the Zisc™ is designed with all the benefits your dog loves. The Zisc is engineered from incredibly soft, but durable Zogoflex® material. Its pliable material allows your dog to pick it up from flat surfaces easily and will not hurt or damage their soft mouth.

      5. Green Nest Organic Pet Beds are filled with plenty of organic cotton and wool. The wool fill repels moisture and prevents mildew while adding softness to the bed. The organic cotton adds support. Each pet bed also has inner cells of shredded natural rubber that are machine washable and machine dry-able. This allows your pet to enjoy a fresh clean bed.