Save Your Green April 2013


The Spring is here Greenies!!! I do love this time of year. It is time for us to make the most of the nice weather we are lucky enough to have. Back yard BBQ’s, pool parties, evenings on the beach! I cannot wait to get in full swing. Many of our favorite ethical companies are offering great deals and sales right now to make your Spring greener and healthier! Don’t miss out!!

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Two Toned Cork Apron

I was perusing one of my favorite online stores the other day looking for fun green things to present to my faithful readers and I found a few super cute, really interesting and just plain fun items that could work in almost any home. My major issue with ethical home products are that they are usually ridiculously expensive, look “reused” or have no thought behind it. In that they are bland and design/aesthetics didn’t really have a part in the development process. I understand that pricing for some products is necessary due to the process the items may have to go through to be made and usable. I still feel that an integral part of being ethical is obviously pricing. I feel like what is the point of making an item ethical when you have to spend an arm and a leg for it. I realize I have mentioned this before but to me a part of being ethical and conscious is being affordable otherwise it isn’t very useful for helping the masses. Here are a few super cute things I found at Uncommon Goods that I would enjoy owning myself.


Upcycled Zip Wallet

Upcycled Zip Wallet



Product Description: Upcycled Zip Wallet’s raw materials once spent their days lounging around the beaches of Bali. That sounds lovely, except that those materials are actually plastic bags. Billions of plastic bags are used every year, and many of them find their way to the ocean, where they can be damaging or fatal to marine life.
For each wallet, ten of those wayward bags are reclaimed from the shoreline, cleaned, cut and crafted into a durable cover. Inside are accordion dividers to keep your own resources organized, and an inner zippered pocket for your valuables. Because of the upcycled nature of the materials, each one will have a unique combination of bright colors. Because these wallets are handmade of recycled materials, each is one of a kind. Made in Bali, Indonesia


Recycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frames

Recycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frames




Product DescriptionRecycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frame Add vintage charm to your photos with textured, metal frames. The intricate rococo patterns are actually pressed tin ceiling tiles that once adorned homes and shops around the Northeast. Salvaged from crumbling buildings and remodeling projects, artist Margaret Taylor turns them into rustic frames. Due to the reclaimed nature of the materials, colors and patterns will vary. Handmade in Georgia


Two Tone Cork Apron

Two Tone Cork Apron




Product Description: The Two Tone Cork Apron is crafted from ultra-thin sheets of cork, a sustainably harvested material that is supple, durable, and naturally water resistant. Derived from the bark of Cork Oak trees, the material’s natural veining and stippled appearance gives a rich earthiness that is unexpected in a typically textile-based accessory. The dark-stained cork is set off nicely by the contrasting, lighter natural color of the ample central pocket, which is the perfect catchall for cooking utensils, towels or recipe cards. The apron is stitched around the edges and is reinforced with a cotton backing. Made in Portugal.



Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamp

Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamp




Product Description: Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamps are crafted from spent fire extinguisher canisters. The artist Valentino Llegada hand paints each one in shades of black and gray. The aluminum material is lightweight and sturdy, and its interior is left with its metallic finish, which helps reflect the light out into the room. Available in two styles – cylindrical or with rounded edges – created by using either the top or the bottom of the canister. Comes fitted with a light socket and cord, and is ready to hang with included screw hooks. Cord does not have built-in switch. Handmade in Florida. Sold individually


Save Your Green For February



It has been a while since I have updated the save your green page and I do apologize but now it is back and better than ever! Spring is on its way and you know that means great deals and discounts on winter and summer merchandise. You don’t want to be left out of ways to keep your eco-life great and green!


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RSVP International – Endurance Stemless Wine Glasses

I received these as a gift for the holidays and am sooo in love! Stemless wine glasses are my favorite! In my eyes yo ucan never go wrong with giving party type gifts. RSVP International wine glasses are made of stainless steel making them green and sustainable. You can even recycle them if ever you need. Save 50% on the Eco Friendly Product of the Week at Shop Now!
Product Description: Limit 2 per customer. These wine glasses – minus the stem – are beautiful for serving red or white wine while holding the beverage’s temperature longer than glass or crystal. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish exterior, mirror interior and 18-ounce capacity. Use them not only for wine, but also for juice and frozen drinks. Perfect for use at the poolside, on a boat, camping or on picnics! The glasses have an 18 oz. capacity, keep white wine chilled longer. They can be used not only for wine, but also for juice and frozen drinks. RSVP stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe.
What Makes these Green (from the site)

RSVP International strives to make quality products that are eco-friendly, safe for culinary use and long-lasting.

Why Stainless Steel?
Stainless steel is rust resistant because of its chromium content. Since stainless steel doesn’t rust or corrode like other metals and because the metals in stainless steel (nickel, chromium, molybdenum) don’t leak into your food when heated, dented or scratched, stainless steel products are used and recommended by chefs all around world. Stainless steel is a durable metal that keeps its integrity longer than most other cooking materials so you can keep your cooking utensils longer while adding less to landfills. Although many people don’t know this, stainless steel is 100% recyclable unlike many other cooking materials. In fact, on average 60% of the metal in each stainless steel product is obtained from recycling. It can be melted down and recycled, while other materials usually get put into land fills due to a lack of recycling facilities or an inability to recycle certain materials.They make products that stand the test of time, reusability is essential.
RSVP recycles and composts at their manufacturing facility whenever possible, keeping cardboard boxes and paper out of landfills. They have a large container/crusher that they call Chewboxa. Once Chewboxa is full, it is taken to a local recycling center for processing. RSVP is also conscious of their use of plastic and paper in the packaging of products. They use as little as possible while still sufficiently protecting products from damage.
RSVP analyzes green trends in order to make eco-friendly products of the future, available now. For instance, RSVP has been making their stainless steel one gallon composter since 2000, long before composting was so popular.

Green Bride Guide Gifts and Deals

Are you wondering what ethical gifts to get for some of your favorite people this holiday season? I know it isn’t always easy and can be extremely time consuming to find the right gift with the right qualities that make you feel comfortable purchasing! I have found a few super cute little things you can get for the home as gifts for your loved ones that break the bank or your morals.  I found a slew of great finds at one of my most treasured places, The Green Bride Guide. Get $10 off your order of $50 or more in the Green Bride Guide Gift Shop!


Yellow Bird Candle Holder


Product Description: This candle holder was created using only natural materials and eco-friendly principles. Designed in partnership with global and local artisans who share the purpose of making nature-inspired products unlike any other. Each piece is individually handcrafted to create an item that is handsome, built to last, and of good value. 5.75″ x 4.5″ x 6.75″ Materials: Ceramic, Metal.  Super cute and super sweet at only just $15.00 you can’t go wrong with such a cute little accessory.  Add a soy candle to the gift to be extra thoughtful.





Product Description: This functional piece lends a nautical and eco-friendly style to any room. The plate is 10.5″ in diameter, and 2.5″ deep. I really like this plate for myself to be honest. It is simpl cute and lest we forget made from recycled glass! Great for anyone’s home and only $17.00.  You can fill this dish with candy or candles and wrap it up to give it a personal touch.





Product Description: Because of the generously sized bowl, these unique glasses lend character to any beverage or tasting event. Sold individually.  A great give to give either as on or a set. I love glasses of all kinds especially when they are made from recycled glass.  This is a good gift if you know someone who is difficult to buy for or if they are a wine lover!  You can even add some decoration to make it a bit more personalized.





Coconut Bowl


Product Description: Coconut is another remarkable renewable material. The coconut palm is grown throughout the tropics for decoration as well as for its many culinary and non-culinary needs. Virtually every part of the coconut has some application including the coconut shell, a waste by product. After the coconut meat and milk have been harvested the shell can be used for many purposes including these decorative bowls. Each bowl is unique. Every bowl is cleaned, polished and finished with a durable food safe laquer, then accented with color. Ideal for serving hot or cold foods or for displaying fruit. Coconut Bowls clean easily with warm soapy water or a damp cloth. (They’re not recommended for dishwasher or microwave.) Bowls are priced individually 5.5″ diameter x 2.5″ high. Super cute bright colors and perfectly sustainable.  Add your own personal touch to it by putting dried fruit, candy or even other cute little house hold items in it.  The coconut bowl  is a cute way to say Happy Holidays!

Antique Tube Collection Bracelet

Antique Tube Collection Bracelet

Antique Tube Collection Bracelet

This bracelet is georgous! Yet another not so normal “green” product. The Antique Tube Collection Bracelet is perfect for that person you know who always gives you a hard time about green purchases or thinks fashion isn’t involved in ethical apparel. I think everyone should love this bracelet.
Description: A cluster of gold and silver strands elegantly clasp around the wrist to create this Tiffany Kunz bracelet design. Handmade from melted bullet casings and recycled metals (brass, silver, copper) by HIV-positive women in Ethiopia. In addition to providing sustainable economic opportunities, Raven + Lily returns proceeds to fund healthcare and literacy programs for women and children in this community. Due to its unique nature, this piece will antique over time.
Measurements: 7.25″
Read more about the designer here.

Here is a little bit about how the beads are made:
In the mountains of Northern Ethiopia, farmers supply bead makers with artillery shells (from former war conflicts) that are found on their lands. Through traditional techniques passed down for generations, the village artisans melt these shells down to produce handmade, delicate beads. The beads go through several stages to achieve the final polished look, and then they are sent to the women at Entoto Mountain. The Entoto Mountain is a place where those suffering with HIV/AIDS (ostracized by their family + society) come because they believe there is “holy water” that might cure them of their disease. Most women are uneducated about their disease and resort to begging in order to survive. Our partnership helps employ women from this area and also provides HIV care and educational opportunities for their whole family. These women skillfully create our exclusive jewelry designs in a loving, community environment. What was once intended for harm now brings hope and life.

Natural Train Letters – made in USA

How fun is this!!!??? You can get the train personalized! Growing up nothing ever had my name on it and I was always disappointed after searching endlessly and my name would never be there. I am not sure why personalized gifts are always so exciting but I feel like it adds a little something to the purchase.
You can show your support for the planet with an ethical and safe toy for your child or if you are giving it as a gift. You can never go wrong with that! The Name Train is also made in the USA which as you know is becoming more and more important by the day. Support our country and products made in it. The more we purchase the more opportunity we have to bring manufacturing back to our nation.  You can also recycle the train when you are finished with it.
You can use up to 8 letters which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Get a personalized Name Train. Engine, caboose, and 3 letters of your choice (add more letters for $4.75 each)
Ages 3+, made from hard maple with non-toxic finish.
Made in USA

You can find this an other great items at Our Green House.

Tub O’Carbon Odor Buster

This is a nifty idea! I remember my parents and grandparents using a box of baking soda for everything odor related. Now the Tub O’Carbon does all of that and even helps slow the process of food going bad! I love that. There is nothing more disappointing than realizing you have wasted food.

Product Description: Tub O’Carbon Odor Buster is the safe and natural way to remove odors in any enclosed space. Better than baking soda and safer than chemical sprays and fragrances.
How does it work? Activated carbon is a natural substance specially treated to open up millions of tiny pores that trap odors, chemicals and gases. This type of carbon is used in gas masks, in hospitals and by large food-storage facilities. You can use it anywhere in the home or office including the fridge, freezer, trash can, next to cat litter, in a diaper pail, in a sports bag, closets, lockers, musty storage, your car, etc.

Favorite Feature: The Odor Buster adsorbs ethylene gas released by produce, slowing down the rotting process.
•Eliminates the need to air out your fridge
•Helps prevent foods from taking on the taste of their packaging
•Helps spoiled food from contaminating fresh produce

Bring Eco-Fun Back To School

It is back to school season already and I feel like summer has just flown by. It makes me sad for the beautiful weather but excited for fall! I know everyone is scrambling for new supplies and the hottest cool fads to bring back to the classroom. I hope green will be in this year! Here are some items supplies that can help you and your family keep on the green path during this school year:

Lunch Box Size Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Lunch Box Size Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle



One of the most important parts of the day is staying hydrated. The Lunch Box Size Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a great way to avoid sugary drinks sold at school while still having a clean cold drink during the say. The bottle is refillable and reusable. Kleen Kanteenbottles are made from 100% recyclable, food grade, and high quality stainless steel. The wide-mouth bottle even allows for you to put ice cubes or thicker drinks in to it. They are easy to clean and much better for the environment than disposable bottles/boxes.




EcoGear Ocean Recycled PET Backpack

EcoGear Ocean Recycled PET Backpack


The EcoGear Ocean Recycled PET Backpack is made from recycled PET bottles for 1. but 2. is only $34.00 which to be honest is a great price for a book bag. EcoGearhas 3 different style bags to choose from so everyone can find something they like. These backpacks are super cute and stylish for being “green”. The simple designs can make sure that the bag will last through a few school years making it completely worth the money.


Penelope Pirate Owl Jotter

Penelope Pirate Owl Jotter


The Penelope Pirate Owl Jotter is perfect for homework assignments, chores or to do lists for any student. I always kept my homework assignments in smaller notebooks with due dates so I could mark off what assignments were finished. It make it much easier to prioritize. The Penelope Pirate Owl Jotteris make from sustainably harvested birch, is recyclable and the pages are made from 100% post consumer waste! Let’s also not forget how completely adorable this thing is seriously.




Green Apple Eco-friendly Highlighter Pencils

Green Apple Eco-friendly Highlighter Pencils


I love the idea of highlighter pencils! How much fun! Regular highlighters always bled through or ran out at the worst time ever! Green Apple Eco-friendly Highlighter Pencils are biodegradable, big enough in size to cover enough space for high lighting and won’t smear or smudge. They can also be used to make super cute doodles and drawings when some subjects are less than interesting.


All Natural Glue

All Natural Glue



I know in school glue is something that gets used often. Projects are inevitable in school and many times regular glues smell horrible. All Natural Glueis just as good if not better than other adhesives. Also, if your child or one you know is a fan of eating glue this is obviously the better and safer choice.




Robot Stainless Steel Food Jar by Crocodile Creek

Robot Stainless Steel Food Jar by Crocodile Creek


Bringing lunch to school is a great way to save money and be healthy. To make your dining experience greener make sure to use items like this stainless steel food jar by Crocodile Creek. Reusable packaging is great for school lunches. They don’t have to worry about throwing anything out, reusable food storage items keep food safer and yummier by the time lunch rolls around. Crocodile Creek has super cute stuff for you or your kids lunches.

Silk Mirage Recycled Sari Sundress

Silk Mirage Recycled Sari Sundress

Silk Mirage Recycled Sari Sundress



Silk Mirage Recycled Sari Sundress is gorgeous! I love it and it is perfect for summer! You can ever wear it through out fall with some boots and cardigan! The Silk Mirage Recycled Sari Sundress is another fashionable green alternative to shopping in big stores to pay for over priced items that aren’t well made. Every purchase of the Silk Mirage Recycled Sari Sundress goes to helping Nepali girls get out of bonded servitude! I say it all of the time but you know how important it is to know where your money is going and to support businesses that help support our global communities. The Silk Mirage Recycled Sari Sundress is only $32.95 and with a portion of the sale going to help women it makes no sense not to invest and be able to look super cute at the same time!

Product Info:
This positively pretty take on recycling surrounds you in luminous color, silky-shiny ease, and a special kind of luxury. Make a dishy entrance every time in vintage textiles that flatter you in swishy panache. Just gorgeous!
Authentic recycled silk saris
Made in and fairly traded from Nepal
Due to their recycled nature, color and pattern will vary — please allow us to choose for you.
In addition to the good you do buying it here, a portion of your purchase goes to, a group that rescues Nepali girls from bonded servitude. Each girl’s family is provided with a piglet or goat to reimburse the money paid for her servitude, and the girl is provided with six full years of education.